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October 7, 2016

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Treasure Hunter is a game of chance available to free players and members alike. With fantastic prizes on offer, everyone's a winner. And, it's quick and easy to play every day!

To play Treasure Hunter you will need keys. There are three methods of obtaining keys:
  • Earned Keys – Keys are earned through certain activities within the game e.g. monster drops and quests.
  • Daily Keys – Every free-to-play player receives 1 free daily key each day and members receive 2; these keys expire if not used before midnight GMT.
  • Purchased Keys – Extra keys can be purchased at an additional cost.

You can find out more about the different methods for obtaining keys .

When purchasing keys you are given bonus items of Hearts of Ice which can be used to .

Please be aware that certain prizes on Treasure Hunter can only be claimed and used by players with an active membership subscription.

To use your keys, open up the extras interface and click on the Treasure Hunter icon. Then, choose one of the five treasure chests to unlock with your keys, and your prize will be revealed. Each time you play, you'll see a selection of items, randomly chosen from a huge .

Treasure Hunter Interface

The interface consists of three areas: the top information bar, the central treasure chest area, and the bottom prize area.

The information bar lets you:

Hovering over a reward

The central treasure chest area is where you pick your prize. Simply click on any of the five chests to reveal what is inside. Note that when using 10 keys at a time, a new set of prizes will be generated for each key.

The bottom prize area shows you the current selection of prizes that could be in the chests. The general rarity of an item is indicated by the gem used. Please be aware that the gems do not represent the actual chances of winning a certain item, but indicate the general categories of rarity.

Hovering over a reward will offer a tooltip that shows the name of the item, a description of it, whether it is a members item, what rarity it is and what category it is from. Food, armour and weapons will have extra details. The tool tips for food will include details on how much they heal, whereas the tooltips for weapons and armour will show their statistics.

Claiming a Reward

Your potential rewards are randomly chosen from a number of categories, 1 item per category. The 5 chests are then filled from this list of potential rewards. Categories can be excluded from the chests ).

The Treasure Hunter rewards interface

To claim a reward, simply click on a chest. When you have clicked on a chest, you will be shown the rewards interface. Here you must claim your reward before you will be allowed another game (if you have another key). You will be given the following options:

  • Backpack - places the item in your backpack. Note that coins will go to your coin pouch.
  • Bank - places the item in your bank. Note that XP lamps cannot go to your bank, and coins will go into your coin pouch.
  • Cash Out - discards the reward and gives you the coin value for it (you can also press 'D' on your keyboard).
  • Claim later - for if you have no space in your bank/backpack. Note that you will not be able to play again until the item is claimed.

Note that although free players may claim members only items (with the exception of the 2, 000, 000 coin prize), you will not be able to use the items.

Freezing Categories

The Treasure Hunter category freezing interface

It is possible to freeze categories to prevent you from winning items from that category. For example, if you have already reached level 99 in Farming, you may not want Farming related items, so you could freeze the farming category. Doing so is made possible with Hearts of Ice.

Hearts of Ice are used each time a treasure chest is opened, so if you have frozen 4 categories, 4 hearts will be used every time you open a treasure chest.

Note that items from frozen categories can still be placed into a chest, but if won, a new item will be chosen for you from an unfrozen category.

To freeze a category, click the 'categories' button in the top-right corner of the Treasure Hunter interface. You will then be presented with the interface shown to the right. Click on the icon for the category you would like to freeze, and you will no longer receive items from that category. Click the category again to unfreeze it. You can only freeze 10 categories at a time.

Hearts of Ice are included as bonus items when . They can also be earned for completing quests, and daily challenges, and redeeming key tokens and double keys tokens. You will also earn 5 Hearts of Ice for opening 5 chests in one day - there is no limit on how many you can earn through this method.

You are also given some Hearts of Ice for free each day. Members get 2 free hearts rather than just 1. Unlike daily keys, Hearts of Ice do not expire if they haven't been used.


The Treasure Hunter options interface

It is possible to adjust your Treasure Hunter experience in small ways by clicking on the cog icon on the far right side of the interface.

There are three options here:

  • Skip intro animation - When ticked, you will no longer see the treasure boxes filled by Alice.
  • Hide Hearts of Ice warning - When ticket, you will no longer see a warning when you have too few Hearts of Ice to freeze the number of categories you have selected.
  • Autoredeem key tokens - When ticked, any key tokens found while skilling will not be sent to your backpack, but instead automatically added Treasure Hunter. You will still receive key tokens in your backpack if you have already reached your limit for key tokens.

There are several ways to get keys: purchased keys, daily keys and earned keys.

Purchased Keys

Purchasing Keys via the game

You can purchase more keys via our website and there are various key packages available. To do this, simply click the "buy keys" button within the Treasure Hunter interface. click here to go to the billing page, directly.

From here you will be taken to a specific page where you can choose your preferred payment method and the number of keys you'd like to buy. Fill in your details, and once your purchase has been successfully completed, the keys will be added to your account. Extra keys can also be bought direct from the RuneScape billing pages.

Note that, due to the way the game interfaces with our website, you will be logged out of the game as the purchase interface is loaded. This is normal. You will also be unable to open the purchase interface during certain minigames.

You can exit the purchase interface at any time by clicking on the red cross in the top right corner. Note that you will have to login to the game again if you wish to continue playing.

If you've bought extra keys, you've got a whole six months to use them before they expire. The maximum number of keys that you can buy is 600, if you want to buy more keys, you must use some of the ones you have already bought.


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