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November 4, 2016

2nd defence pure to get 99!

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Method 1

F2P and P2P
  1. If you haven't already, create and name your account. Your name should be unique, and something you can live with. i.e attckno0b. Customize your character to whatever you want. After doing that, complete the tutorial in Lumbridge.
  2. Completing both strongholds now is highly recommended.
  3. Head to barbarian village. You may want to bring some food. You will need to set recovery questions. Look it up on the RuneScape website in order to do this.
  4. Go down into the hole and get all the rewards at the end of each floor. At the end (the death floor), you will receive a pair of boots (your choice of aesthetics). You will have completed the Stronghold of Security.
  5. Complete the Stronghold of Player Safety. There is a full guide in doing this here.
    • At this point, you should have 20k gp, some cool boots, gloves, and 2 XP lamps giving 500 XP each. Spend these lamps on defense. You may also wish to do the Swept Away Quest for additional XP.
    • With your newly earned money, you may want to buy some armor and accessories, or use it to make some more money. Remember, the more money you have, the easier it is to make more.
  6. Decide on whether or not you're going to remain at 100hp (If you're at 100hp, your combat level will be lower, i.e. 13 combat with 400, or 27 combat with 990). If you wish to do this, do not train by killing monsters. You will have to use XP lamps, and other passive means of getting XP.
    • If you wish to train hitpoints too, you're going to have to find a weapon. Some suggestions include an Iron Dagger, Iron Scimitar, Blurite Sword, Silverlight, or a Runecrafting Talisman Staff.
    • Some suggestions for enemies to train on are monks (near Edgeville), cows (for their hides, which are worth decent money), chickens, or goblins (the last three can all be found in Lumbridge). Remember that bones are worth a fair sum of money and collecting these could be a good source of income.Image titled Make a Defence Pure on RuneScape Step 3 Do not bury these bones as it will increase your prayer, which does affect your combat level.
  7. Remember to upgrade your armor as you hit the defense levels 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40.
    • When you hit 40 defense, you can wear any type of Rune armor, except for the platebody (Dragon Slayer quest required). If you've made a lot of money, you can buy something fancy, like gold trimmed. You may even want a gold trimmed wizard robe for style, as you can't wear a gold trimmed platebody.
    • If you are still F2P, note that continuing your defense will be extremely slow. If you want to continue your defense, membership will make things a lot easier. However, if you wish to stay at 40, you can always train skills, and earn money, and improve your character.

Method 2

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  1. If you do decide to upgrade to members, you will have access to new weapons. some notable ones include:
  2. Train in Soul wars. It's the fastest XP you can get, and it won't level up your hitpoints.
  3. If you want to train the old fashioned way, go to Rock Crabs, north of Relleka. Kill them. They each have 50 hitpoints. This spot can become very crowded.
  4. When you hit 60 defense, you've got access to dragon armor! If you can't afford everything you want, you may want to take some time off defense to do some skilling.
    • If you're mega rich, then at 65 defense, you can buy Bandos or 3rd Age armor.
  5. At 70 defense, you have access to Barrows armors. These have some of the highest defense ratings in the game, and are less expensive than dragon, Bandos, and 3rd Age.
  6. At 75 defense, you have access to a Dragonfire Shield. This shield is extremely expensive, but can be your lifeline in a duel or fight. In addition to its high defense bonuses, it has a special attack, that hits up to 250 damage points. Be careful, using the special on a monster or familiar will give you magic XP, which will increase your combat level! Using it on another player however, will not.
  7. You may want to remain at 75, or go all the way to 99 defense. Once you hit 40 combat, members will be able to play pest control. It is advised using this method as it is much better experience. Good luck!


  • Members armors are far more expensive, so you will need lots of money if you wish to get them. You can make money by skilling or merchanting.
  • Strength potions do speed the process up.
  • Your character will spend a lot of time killing NPCs, so it's recommended that you find something else to do while you wait.
  • Spending your XP Lamps/Penguin Points/Books of Knowledge on defense will help speed up your training. You may also want to spend them on a skill such as slayer, which you won't be able to train effectively.
  • Use a power amulet instead of a strength amulet due to better accuracy.
  • High fishing, woodcutting, mining, hunter, runecrafting, or thieving can be good sources of income (all of these skills do not affect your combat level).
  • If training is going too slow, you may want to increase your attack and strength a little.


  • Again, using a Dragonfire Shield special attack on a monster or familiar will give you magic XP! Be very careful if you do not want magic levels, as this will increase your combat level!
  • Increasing your attack and strength makes you less pure.
  • Attack and strength have a greater effect on your account than defense or hitpoints.
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