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December 14, 2016

Runescape Account Safe: 11

Old School team want to have seasonal Deadman in Deadman mode. The top five thousand players from each season will be able to participate in a special tournament, with the last man standing receiving $10, 000 as a prize. The first Deadman Mode Season Tournament will take place at the end of March 2016, so it is wise for you to buy cheap and safe Deadman accounts on RSorder ahead to make preparation for the new update.

Cheap Deadman Mode accounts for sale on RSorder

If you want to buy Deadman account at a low price, then RSorder can be the best option for you. If you compare our account price with other site, you will notice that RSorder always offer low price on Deadman accounts. Just like the price of RS gold, RSorder also changes that the account price regularly to ensure you can get really cheap Deadman mode accounts on RSorder. Besides, RSorder offers discount code “ACCOFF" which can save you 5% off if you buy Deadman accounts on RSorder.

RSorder offers 100% safe Deadman accounts

When it comes to buy Deadman account online, many of you will wonder whether the accounts for sale are safe or not. Here we want to point out that all the RS Deadman accounts for sale on RSorder are absolutely safe since these Deadman accounts are trained by our skilled gamers manually without using unmoral ways which will harm the account. We will suggest you to changes the password or other information and we will never ask your account information once we sold the account to you.

Buy Deadman accounts with easy transaction

RSorder always devoted to offer best service to all customers. If you buy Deadman accounts on RSorder, you can choose from a lot of payment methods and there is no phone or email confirmation needed if you pay with PayPal. After you placed an order, we will give you the account as soon as possible. See, it is extremely convenient to buy Deadman account on our site. RSorder also offer excellent post-sale service. If you any problem with the account you bought, you can contract our 24/7 live chat to help you.

Seasonal Deadman mode will come soonand you will able to enjoy higher experience rates, or get your hands on equipment unavailable in the standard game and it definitely will bring a new game experience to Deadman players. If you also want benefits from the coming seasonal Deadman, make sure to buy Deadman account and Deadman gold cheap on RSorder.


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