Downloading RuneScape

June 28, 2018

Account creation interface

Quick to open RuneScape
Easy to use after a few days
Player Stats look up
Item/monster look up


Could be cause for ban?
Once in a great while can freeze up when being opened


If you play the game even on a semi regular basis like I do it comes in handy, especially when you want to look up hi scores and don't have to bother opening the internet, going to the RS home, going to the highs scores, then typing in the name.

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Gets you to Runescape quickly. Stat look up.

Only shows Paid member stats.

The program is nice when you want to look something up real quick. I wish that the Search for player would work for F2P people so they could look at each others stats. You can have the program use your default browser, which is nice because some of your add-ons from Firefox can transfer over to the client. You definitely need to read the manual to understand how the client works.

All in all its very great to use.

The IRC can easily help you combat check anyone anywhere anytime by invitings bots into a channel that your in, and then you simply type .x *ign* you can also check prices in the grand exchange by typing .ge *item* another tool is the quest guide.

I havent found anything that I dont really like about Swiftkit, its helped me with too much to be a problem.

It's just a great helpful tool, that seems perfect in my opinion.

Can do almost Anything you need for it, except, it doesn't show you your GE offers, but out of everything it CAN do this really doesn't matter!!!

No GE offer Tab, need that.

Product is well done, and has a clean and nice display

It has lots of tools, and links to guides, and it makes your screen bigger than it does on normal browsers.

It doesn't do my homework for me or make me chocolate milkshakes. But those arn't realy expected from this program anyway.

On a side note unrelated to this software. I hate the new introduction in Runescape! Tutorial island actually showed me how to do stuff. And now there arn't any guides in Lumbridge. I'm just glad I started playing before JADEX lost their marbles. (The game's still awesome though!)

I use Swift Kit every time I play. Ive been using it for about a year now and its great! It has all the tools that a fan site would built into the program where they are very easy to access and very helpful.

There are a few features that I feel are missing such as an NPC look up and GEPrice grabber. But other than that its almost perfect.

I highly recommend swift kit to anyone its got all the tools to boost your game play experience and it is completely within the rules of the game its a great choice for a client to play the game.

there were useful things like the calculator and the mp3 player in it

u cant fit the hole game in that screen they provide

it was a ok program i did like it that much but it works try it out yourself

It provides any tool any Runescape player (from pro to noob, from pker to skiller) you'll ever need!

now and then you find a little bug.

This handy program provides you basic acces to Runescape, but with MANY usefull tools.
Some of the many tools:
-mp 3 player
-quik highscore lookup
-complete database from zybez! this includes monsters, quests, items and much more!
-stopwatch, counter and countdown timer.
-IRC acces
-screenshot manager
also it is a very stable program, which also gives you a warning message if you want to close swiftkit.

in 2 words i give you the biggest wisedom of all:

It's easy to get to the Runescape Highscores, also you have a place to put radio's and music.


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