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April 18, 2020

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Defined properties: Item ID: 21350 Weight: 2 Value: 4

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A curly root is an item obtained from chopping curly jade roots (83 Woodcutting required) within the Jadinko Lair and then collecting the roots (2 distinct actions). It can be used on dry patches within the lair to create a firepit or simply burnt on an existing firepit (83 Firemaking required).

Chopping and collecting roots

Chopping jade root

Cutting a curly jade vine, and collecting a curly root from a vine that has been cut.

To get curly roots, players need to cut curled Jade roots rather than straight roots in the Jadinko Lair. However, the roots can change while they are being cut. If a curly jade root straightens while a player is chopping, the player will receive a straight root instead of a curly root.

Chopping the roots requires two distinct actions. The first cuts the root (80.8 Woodcutting experience) and the second collects the root (80.8 woodcutting experience) for a total of 161.6 experience. Collecting the roots yields 4 curly roots. If a player has less than 4 slots open in his inventory, the additional roots will fall to the floor.

Players should be careful when clicking on jade roots. Although the monsters in the Jadinko Lair are not aggressive, mutated Jadinko babies are level 90 and can be attacked by left-clicking. To avoid this, players should either wield a bow without arrows or chop the jade roots in the areas other than where jadinko babies reside.

Jade roots are not instanced; it is recommended to find an area or world in which nobody else is chopping jade roots to avoid competition for faster experience.

There is a limit to how fast the roots can be cut. When attempting to chop a 5th root in rapid sequence, a play will get the message: "The root squirms out of the way of your hatchet. You have already chopped 4 other roots that haven't regrown yet." Once one of the chopped roots regrows, the player can resume chopping.

Burning roots

Burning curly roots at a firepit.

Dry patches are available at the south side of all three areas with attackable Jadinkos. These are the only locations where curly roots can be burned. To start the fire, you will need to place the jade root on the dry patch with a tinderbox or hardened straight root in your inventory. This can be done by left-clicking on the dry patch.

Once the fire is burning, the dry patch becomes a firepit. You can burn additional curly roots by left-clicking the firepit. This brings up a Burn-X interface for curly roots. Each root burned in the firepit increases the fire's life by 30 seconds.

Burning a curly root yields 378.7 Firemaking experience. A full inventory results in 10, 603.6 experience.

Boosts and bonuses

For lighting a firepit, you receive 3 favour points. For each curly root you add to a burning firepit, you will receive 2 favour points. See the page for Jadinko Lair Rewards for more information.


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