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June 1, 2016

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Zybez RuneScape Help's Puzzle Image

Step 2
Solve the first puzzle

The first room you enter will be where you will encounter the first puzzle. The door is fitted with security which one of the Black Knights will attempt to unlock, only to fail and receive a fatal electric shock instead. Read the labels on the crates nearby, and you will find out that the labels have been muddled up. Talk to Captain Gilroy and he will tell you that someone has been tampering with the security. Your first task will be to put the labels back to the crates that they belong to.

Handily, Captain Gilroy has gotten used to working with weights and will be able to compare two labelled weights if you use them with him. One way of doing this is to compare all the weights using every combination possible. Record the results of these comparisons:

  • Compare the weight labelled "2" with "3", "4", "5", and "6"
  • Compare the weight labelled "3" with "4", "5", and "6"
  • Compare the weight labelled "4" with "5", and "6"
  • Finally, compare the weight labelled "5" with "6"

Tell him your results (if you have them written out, write 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 above each number to tell you what number it actually is).

After you have organised the labels correctly, you will now face a different puzzle involving those labelled weights. The aim is to make sure that the weights are balanced on the two scales by the crates (click on the scales to make the puzzle interface appear), and to get the total of the weights on either of the scales to equal 15. The solution of this puzzle is to place these weights on the top scale from left to right: 3, 4, 6, 2. On the bottom scale: 2, 2, 5, 6.

Broken ForgeStep 3
Kill the pests
Solve the second puzzle

When you have completed the puzzle in the first room, you can now safely use the Security doors to move onto the second puzzle room.

After entering the second puzzle room, you will notice that various pests will start spawning in front of you and the Black Knights, you will need to kill these to be able to progress with the puzzle in this room. These pests are slightly more challenging than those found in the Pest Control Mini game and can do considerable amounts of damage without use of prayer. The best way to go about killing these pests would be to kill the Spinners first as they heal the rest of the pests within the room, and would make the fight more difficult for you if you did not kill them in this particular order. Kill the Torcher next, then the rest at your discretion. Each pest in the room drops a Security block which fit into the wall within that room.

After killing all of the pests and retrieving the Security blocks from the ground, you will notice that one of them is damaged (Broken security block) and needs to be repaired; this can be done through use of a furnace which is outside of the puzzle area, through the large doors in the main room full of Black Knights to the north-westerly corner of the room. The instruments to repair this furnace can be found scattered about the room in various chests, crates, and on the floor and include the following:

Before you begin to repair the furnace, you must speak with Captain Gilroy first. Once you have spoken to Captain Gilroy, and repaired the furnace, simply use the broken Security block on the furnace and it will be repaired. Take the repaired Security block back to the puzzle room where you left off and place it into the only missing space left on the wall.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Puzzle ImageStep 4
Solve the third puzzle

The puzzle within this room is rather basic; there are a number of Control panels on the wall and you will need to disable the magical traps on these control panels so that you are able to unlock the door to the next room. When you search the control panels, you will be given a number of options to choose from, choose the "Search panels for Magical traps" option to begin the puzzle.

This puzzle is pretty simple, it's similar to a basic Jigsaw as there are many pieces which you can see at the bottom which you have to move onto the puzzle area so that the circuits are connected and so that the puzzle area is filled. Once you have completed the puzzle and made sure that everything fits together, click the "Confirm" button at the bottom.

Step 5
Play a game of Conquest

Now that you have completed all three of the puzzles earlier in the Quest, it is time to play a version of the Mini game Conquest against the computer. Receive Korasi's sword then go through the portal. The entrance to this challenge room will be greeted by a short cut-scene during which you, and the other Void Knights are chased into a small nearby cavern by some Splatters from the opposing side of the Conquest board, you will then be asked to play a game of Conquest against the opposition.

The aim of the game is exactly the same as it is in the actual game itself (to eliminate all of your opponents before they eliminate all of your players). You can identify the different types of attackers on the opposing side from the following Key:

There are many tactics which could be used to go about completing this challenge; it may take a while to get into the habit of things, may even take you a couple of tries to do this. You are outnumbered, and they move and attack more often than you do. Try to keep your mage protected and have her take down enemies. Also, the Champion is very effective—he has a lot of life points as well as a very high maximum attack. Battle Cry is a great thing to use on him, especially when engaging a ton of enemies in combat. His life will be boosted and so will his attack, so every time you attack and your opponent does, he will most likely kill them. Be sure to save Regeneration for him after your enemy's turn.

Step 6: The Pest Queen
Speak to Captain Korasi and Grayzag
Kill the Pest queen

This is the final part of the quest and the final part of the Void Knight Quest series! It is definitely the most difficult part of the quest, involving a long battle against the Pest queen. This boss is comparable to Nomad, but not quite as difficult. Now is the time to stock up on lots of pots or food, and armour.

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