RuneScape Satan Oracle Armor

June 17, 2016

RuneScape:Chat/Logs/13 July

Extremely Fast Prayer Experience
Soloman's General Store now offers the Strongman Burial animation free for members. This animation itself might not seem too appealing, but there is a hidden effect that comes with the animation. With the animation active, you can bury bones more than twice as fast as without the animation. This can result in more than 1.6 million xp per hour burying frost dragon bones. Offering frost dragon bones on a gilded altar only gives 600k xp per hour(or 1 million xp per hour with a pack yak). So if you have a spare 1.2 billion gp and you don't yet have 99 prayer, using this method can get you 99 prayer within 8 hours or 200m xp within 120 hours! Using this method during double xp weekends will give you 99 prayer within 4 hours!

Satan Oracle Amor
You need to have a good weapon, addy or better is recommended. Next, go to Al-Kharid and kill 10 men. The last one should drop a red clue scroll. It is titled "Satan Scroll" or "The Scroll of Satan".
Now you need to read it. It is in a code, but here is the broken code: Go to the graveyard of the cursed souls, to seek what should not be found. Take a holy relic and kill a Demon of the Lesser kind. Take the remains and destroy three spirits, Scorpius Realm.
This means go to the Forgotten Graveyard and search in a coffin. You should find a Dictionary of Hell. Take this and a holy symbol and kill a lesser demon. Take its ashes and kill three ghosts. The last one should drop a Necklace of Hell.
Go to the bank and get LOTS of food! You will have to kill Level 235 Satan! Now, once youve done this, wear the Necklace. It should bring you to hell. You will need to kill three Level 100 Blood Demons. After this, Satan will appear. He can hit a max of 25 and a minimum of 15.
Once he is dead, he will drop the revered and impossibly rare "Satan Oracle Armor" set. Congrats! You just got the rarest armor in the game! It can be sold for upwards of 200M for each part of the armor. (Thats the gloves, boots, legs, body, helm, cape, ring, and shield.) Thats 1 billion 600 Million Gold Pieces!

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Runescape Satanic Oracal Armor
Runescape Satanic Oracal Armor
Satan Oracle Armour --Runescape--
Satan Oracle Armour --Runescape--
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