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April 7, 2013

TzHaar - weapons

Defined properties: Item ID: 6529 Weight: 0 Value: 1

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Tokkul is the only currency of the TzHaar residing in the underground TzHaar City. It is made from hardened bodies of dead TzHaar. Tokkul cannot be created by players.

According to the Wise Old Man in Postbag from the Hedge 12 and 14, the name Tokkul means, roughly, rock token or material value.

It is revealed in The Elder Kiln quest that the souls of the dead TzHaar live in a tormented state within the Tokkul, although this is generally disbelieved by living TzHaar. During The Brink of Extinction, this is finally accepted as fact by the leaders who begin returning the Tokkul to the sacred lava, releasing the spirits inside.

Obtaining Tokkul

Since Tokkul isn’t tradeable, it is difficult to obtain. There are currently only four ways to obtain Tokkul:

TzHaar Fight Pit

The TzHaar Fight Pit minigame, along with selling to the TzHaar shops, was the first way to get Tokkul. Tokkul is only received from the Fight Pit if you are its champion. The amount of Tokkul you receive as a reward is based on the combat levels of all of the participants in that round.

Note that selling to TzHaar shops to receive Tokkul can no longer be done.

TzHaar Fight Cave

The Fight Cave is the ultimate gauntlet for players proving themselves worthy of a Fire cape. Players obtain variable amounts of Tokkul as a consolation prize depending on how far they progress before succumbing. Each time a player completes the Fight Cave, they will receive 16, 064 Tokkul along with a Fire cape.

Recommended inventory

With Guthan's set, a player may fight the Tzhaar kets for upwards of 50 minutes without banking, using the gear and inventory listed. With the minimum stats, a player can earn between 35 and 45k tokkul an hour, but with stats of over 80, a player may last over 1 hour without banking and earn about 50 to 60k tokkul an hour. Since the EoC update it is possible for a player with 80+ stats to earn over 100k Tokkul an hour.

Spending Tokkul

Note: The Tzhaar shops no longer offer a discount if a player is wearing the Karamja gloves 1 after the Personalised Shops update.

Item Shop stock Tokkul Price GE Price Coins per
10 375 72 0.19 Main-hand thrown weapon
60, 000 23, 641 0.39 Main-hand sword
67, 500 25, 938 0.38 Shield
37, 500 14, 661 Main-hand dagger
52, 500 39, 246 0.75 Two handed staff
45, 000 17, 920 0.4 Main-hand mace
75, 000 29, 057 Two handed maul
90, 000 56, 109 0.62 All-style cape

Recharging Tokkul-Zo

After completion of The Elder Kiln, the player may spend up to 50, 000 Tokkul to have their TokKul-Zo recharged. The price is 50, 000 Tokkul for a complete recharge (4, 000 charges).

Donating Tokkul

Once the player has access to the Fight Cauldron, they may donate Tokkul at the coffer to temporarily enhance their obsidian armour. 15, 000 Tokkul may be spent for an extra 10% damage reduction, and to lower its degrade chance per hit to 20%, for 20 minutes. One can donate thrice simultaneously to extend the duration to 60 minutes.


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