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April 4, 2019

Im looking for a decent free

Also called the Wilderness runite mine, this was the only mining site in free worlds with available runite ore before the release of the Mining Guild resource dungeon. Therefore the rune ore is rarely left spawned, as rune miners often time the spawns and wait for the ore to spawn in anticipation. The mine is located north of both the bandit camp mining site and the Lava Maze in the Wilderness. There are two rocks here which contain runite ore. Although the area around the rune rocks is crawling with aggressive deadly red spiders, players will rarely be attacked by the spiders when standing next to the runite. World switching is useful here to fill the inventory with ore, as it takes 12.5–25 minutes for the runite to respawn.

Player killers are often found around this mine, as foes cannot teleport until they reach a Wilderness Obelisk, the Mage Arena, or level 20-30 Wilderness. To complement this, it is easy to attack and kill unsuspecting players who are looking for runite ore to mine as they often forego armour in order to reduce weight and item loss upon death. To reduce the risk of being killed while mining, it is recommended that players bring a few pieces of high-healing food.

A common practice among miners at this mine was the use of "scouts", low level accounts used to determine the risk and availability of runite ore in the mine. If it was considered safe enough, the player would return on their main account to mine the ore.

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Runescape: 500+ Bots Mining Ess! CRAZY!
Runescape: 500+ Bots Mining Ess! CRAZY!
Runescape Undetected Mining Bot
Runescape Undetected Mining Bot
Runescape Mining Bot
Runescape Mining Bot
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