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July 20, 2021


runescape dungeoneering sliding statuesHave you ever wondered what you should do on RuneScape after you get out of Explorer Jack’s Cellar with Sir Vant and Roddeck? Well when I started playing RuneScape in April I was wondering the same thing.
Today I am going to talk about some fun things to do on RuneScape.
Before you start doing those things is to train yourself up a little in combat (in case you have to fight some aggressive monsters). You can train right where you come out: In the village of Lumbridge. There are goblins and giant spiders close to Explorer Jack’s house.
Even before you start fighting them you should get a weapon. Go to the Lumbridge general store and get the free bronze dagger. Then you can start training…

When your life points go low while you’re training you should stop fighting until they go up again. When you fight goblins or giant spiders, take their stuff when you kill them and sell it at the Lumbridge general store for money. You will not always have just 100 life points. The higher your constitution level is the more life points you will have.
When you have trained yourself up a bit then you are ready to some fun…
Dungeoneering in RuneScape
This is one of my favorite things to do on RuneScape. Dungeoneering is a skill which you can find in your skill list. It should have a symbol of a ring on it. If you want to start Dungeoneering you have to be at least level 30. Well you can still do it when you are lower than that, but it would be harder for you to complete a dungeon. So do you want to know what Dungeoneering is about?
Well it is all about going down into the dungeons of daemonheim that the fremennik people have found. You can go down there in parties (groups) of 2-5 people. So first you will have to find your way to those ruins on that mountain in the north. There ar two ways to get to daemonheim.

RuneScape: Dungeoneering – Sliding Statues

The first one is to take the ferry from al kharid (costs 30 coins I think). The second way of getting there is to go through the wilderness (very dangerous). You can always look on the map if you need help getting there if you are going through the wilderness. When you get there that’s good because after you get there once you will be able to teleport there. Now I am going to tell you how.
Before you can start forming parties and exploring the dungeons you will need a ring of kinship. You can get one absolutely for free from the dungeoneering tutor by simply talking to him. The ring will allow you to form parties and view what floor you are on and how complex the dungeon is anytime. The ring can also teleport you to daemonheim so you don’t need to walk through the wilderness or take the ferry again as long as you have it on you. If you lose it you can get another one any time from the dungeoneering tutor.
When you are in a party and you are the leader you can select the floor and the complexity. When you start dungeoneering you will only be able to access floor 1 and complexity 1. But as your dungeoneering levels up you will be able to access lower floors and higher complexity. The lower the floor the higher level you need to be because the monsters will be more powerful the lower you go.
The higher the complexity level is the more skills will be used in the dungeon.
For example I at complexity 1 you will only train combat. At complexity 2 more skills will be added and so on until complexity 6 where all of your skills will come in use. Now let’s talk about the dungeons themselves.

runescape 3 enemies blood pact questRuneScape: Dungeoneering – Fighting G-Behemoth Boss

The first thing you have to know that you won’t be able to take any of your stuff down into the dungeons except for your ring of kinship. Ask the tutor why that is. He will explain everything to you. When you found out every thing you need you can start exploring the dungeon you and your party mates have chosen. At complexity 1-3 you will be provided with armor, weapons and some runes to cast spells. On the tables there will be always lots of food. Take as much of it as you can, so you can heal yourself when your life points are low.
Then you are ready to go exploring the dungeon. You have to find your way to the boss room and kill the boss monster. But on the way there will be monsters to be killed and doors to be unlocked (for lots of the doors you have to find magic keys to unlock them). When you and your party have found the boss room you will have to work hard to beat the boss and kill him or her. When you have beat the boss the party leader can lead his party up the ladder to exit the dungeon.
You will be told how much XP and dungeoneering tokens you will get. You can trade the tokens in later for rewards. When you have enough tokens to buy something talk to the rewards trader. (He is close to where you teleport, just look around a little). Well that is all you have to know for now about dungeoneering. Good Luck!
RuneScape Quests
This is also one of my favorite things to do on RuneScape.
Quests are usually things that you do for NPC’s (Non-player-characters) and you will always get some kind of reward. For example in the “The Blood Pact” quest which starts in Lumbridge you will have to go down into the catacombs dungeon (just normal dungeons that you can see on the map are not daemonheim dungeons). So you go into this dungeon with an old adventurer called Xenia in this quest and you have to defeat 3 low level enemies which have formed a Blood Pact.

RuneScape: Three Enemies Blood Pact Quest

I’m not going to tell you any more about it. Do it yourself. Well you will be given the info that I just told you anyway before you start the quest. There are 20 quests for free players and 160+ for paying members. For some free quests there are requirements like a certain level in a skill. For the members quests there are requirements for a lot of them. Here are the names of all the free quests:
Black Knight’s Fortress?, Cook’s Assistant, ?Demon Slayer?, Doric’s Quest?, Dragon Slayer, Ernest The Chicken, ?Goblin Diplomacy, ?Imp Catcher, ?Knight’s Sword, ?Pirate’s Treasure, ?Prince Ali Rescue, ?The Restless Ghost, ?Romeo and Juliet, ?Rune Mysteries, ?Myths of the White Lands, ?Shield of Arrav, ?Vampire Slayer, ?Witch’s Potion.
Here are some of the member quests:

Runescape New D&D God Statues (Great Exp)
Runescape New D&D God Statues (Great Exp!!!)
Runescape Dungeoneering - Statue puzzle glitch
Runescape Dungeoneering - Statue puzzle glitch
*glitch* dungeoneering statue Runescape
*glitch* dungeoneering statue Runescape
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