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January 5, 2015

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Morwenna is defeatedAfter becoming one of the best heroes and adventurers in Gielinor's history, their career culminated in a partnership with Crux Eqal, the Temple Knights and the Guardians of Armadyl in an attempt to stop the Mahjarrat Lucien - who had obtained the Staff of Armadyl - from taking over Gielinor. Despite the adventurers best efforts, they were unable to kill Lucien, and a number of heroes died in the process, including Hazelmere, who gave his life to save the adventurer. The adventurer ultimately found themselves at the end of the Ancient Guthix Temple, and discovered the Stone of Jas - the most powerful of the Elder Artefacts - and battled a creature known as the Balance Elemental, which claimed to know the adventurer, and spoke of them in the past tense. After touching the stone and receiving a vision, Lucien appeared and teleported the Stone of Jas away, despite the adventurers best efforts.

After some more, unrelated adventures, a Dragonkin attack on Mos Le'Harmless prompted the adventurer to investigate the plane of Kethsi, where they discovered that the Dragonkin are greatly empowered and angered by the use of the stone, and that Lucien having and actively using it could prove a more immediate threat than anticipated. The adventurer, along with Sir Tiffy Cashien, Akrisae, Idria, Azzanadra and Ali the Wise, decided to make one last desperate attempt to get the Stone of Jas back from Lucien before the Dragonkin were made even stronger. They decided to attend the Mahjarrat Ritual of Rejuvenation to fight him, as Lucien was guaranteed to attend, and if he was allowed to participate, he and the other Mahjarrat would become more powerful than ever before, making him much more dangerous.

Lucien attempts to ascend to godhood.

While preparing for the ritual, the adventurer found the stone one more time, and accidentally touched it while trying to teleport it away, triggering Lucien's security system and expelling the adventurer to the ritual site, where they encountered their allies in addition to Lucien and the other Mahjarrat. Ali the Wise was revealed to actually be Azzanadra's Zarosian ally Wahisietel. Despite putting up a good fight, managing to defeat both General Khazard and Lucien's minions in addition to freeing the legendary hero Arrav from Zemouregal's control, the alliance was unable to defeat Lucien before the ritual started, even with the assistance of the mysterious Mahjarrat Sliske, and eventually the rest of the Mahjarrat, who had turned on Lucien. The ritual was performed - with Jhallan being the sacrifice - and Lucien, Wahisietel, Azzanadra and the other Mahjarrat were rejuvenated. The group then resumed their attacks on Lucien, and although Azzanadra was able to damage Lucien immensely using the power of Zaros, Lucien survived and summoned the Stone of Jas one final time in an attempt to ascend to godhood, drawing the attention of the Dragonkin. After a quick skirmish between Lucien and three of the Dragonkin, the dragonkin ultimately killed him, causing the Mahjarrat (except Wahisietel and Sliske) to flee. Sliske then attempted to turn the adventurer into a wight, but Akrisae intervened, saving them.


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