Runescape Rag and Bone Man

July 10, 2017

Rag and Bone Man

Step 1Novice



Level 20+ Combat with at least level 5 Defence is recommended.

Spiny helmet (requires 5 Defence), Tinderbox, Light source, Armor, Weapon, and a Rope (a Rope is only required if you have not visited the Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon before).

8 Logs (any kind), 8 Pots, and 8 Coins.

Food, Amulet of glory (4), and teleport methods to Camelot, Falador, Lumbridge, and Varrock.

Bear ribs, Big frog leg, Giant bat wing, Giant rat bone, Goblin skull, Monkey paw, Ram skull, Unicorn bone, 8 Jugs of vinegar, 8 Pots of vinegar, 8 Jugs, and 8 Bones of vinegar, and 8 Pots.

500 Cooking experience, and 500 Prayer experience.

Next to the quarry, northeast of Varrock.

Speak to the Odd Old Man.

  1. Make your way to the Odd Old Man's hut just west of the limestone quarry, northeast of Varrock. Once there, talk to the Odd Old Man, who will instruct you to collect several bones and will tell you how to prepare them. Below is the list of the bones which you need to collect.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Varrock is via the Varrock teleport spell. You can collect the bones in any order you choose. The locations and monsters listed below are only a suggestion. Some of the monsters may also be found in other locations and some of the bones may also be dropped by other similar monster.

  2. After you have all the bones, head to Draynor and speak to Fortunato. After you speak with him you will be able to purchase 8 jugs of vinegar.
  3. Now use a jug of vinegar with a pot. Repeat this 8 times and then add a bone to each pot of vinegar. Now you will have "Bone in Vinegar."
  4. Head back to the Odd Old Man. Next to him you will find a pot-boiler. Add a log to the pot-boiler, add the "Bone in Vinegar", and then light it. Do this for all 8 pots of "Bone in Vinegar."
  5. Talk to the Odd Old Man to finish the quest.

    Step 4Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Don't leave yet! There is an additional part to this quest! After you finish talking with the Odd Old Man, there is a second part of the quest you can do!

Must have started the Zogre Flesh Eaters, and the Horror from the Deep Quests, must have completed the Mogre Miniquest, and must have Level 40 Slayer.

1 Quest Point, 5k Prayer exp, and either a Bonesack or Ram skull helmet

Next to the quarry, North East of Varrock

Speak to the Odd Old Man

  1. Behind the Odd Old Man is a list of more creatures you need to get bones from.
    Name Location
    Basilisk Slayer Dungeon
    Baby Blue Dragon Taverly Dungeon
    Bat Just west of the Odd Old Man
    Cave Goblin Lumbridge Castle Dungeon
    Dagganoth Lighthouse
    Experiment Experiment Dungeon
    Fire Giant Waterfall
    Ghoul Northwest of Canifis
    Ice Giant White Wolf Mountain
    Jackal Al Kharid Desert
    Jogre Ardougne Zoo and Brimhaven
    Massive Desert Lizard
    Mogre South of Port Sarim
    Moss Giant Varrock Sewers
    Ogre West of Yanille
    Rabbits Tiranwynn
    Seagull Port Sarim
    Snake Karamja
    Terrorbird Tree Gnome Stronghold
    Troll Death Plateau
    Undead Cow West of Port Phasmatys
    Vulture Agility Pyramid
    Werewolf Canifis
    Wolf Feldip Hills, White Wolf Mountain, Rellekka
    Zogre Jiggig
    Zombie Edgeville Dungeon
  2. Once you have bones from all the items on your list, put them in pots of vinegar like before, put logs in the pot-boiler, add the "Bone in vinegar", and then light it.
  3. When all of the bones are ready, give them to the Odd Old Man and you will get to choose either the bonesack or a helmet as a reward (choice is not permanent, you can exchange one for another afterwards).

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    The bone sack is used as a cape and gives you +4 to all defence bonuses. No the sack won't mumble or carry your bones.

    The bone helmet is a Ram skull helmet worn on your head that gives the Defence bonuses: Stab +19, Slash +21, Crush +16, Magic +0, and Range +19


Runescape 3 Quest Walkthroughs For Rag and Bone Man
Runescape 3 Quest Walkthroughs For Rag and Bone Man
Runescape Questing Walkthrough for Rag and Bone Man
Runescape Questing Walkthrough for Rag and Bone Man
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