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October 4, 2014

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Image titled Make a Berserker Pure in Runescape (Members) Step 1Create a Name. Name your character something original, yet simple. A name no one will easily forget. Avoid leet speak (l337 pl0x0rxz) and the words Zerker, Whip, and pure for they will give away you're a pure and that you like to own people.

Complete Tutorial Island: Complete the tutorial as fast as you can. When you have a choice of either Woodcutting or Mining to get out, it would be better if you picked Woodcutting, since it is more relaxing and easier than Mining. It is your choice however.

Complete the Stronghold of Security. This should give you about 10k gold. From this, you are going to want to buy bird snares, 4 small fishing nets and 4 rope, and 5 box traps. This is used to train hunter, an integral part of being a zerker.

  • You are going to want to hunt Crimson Swifts west of Feldip for a while, then switch to swamp lizards, and finally to red salamanders. As soon as you get the level, you are going to want to hunt red chinchompas until you can hunt black chinchompas in the wild. Keep doing this until 99 hunter, if you have the patience. However, you can get PK'ed a lot, and that is a lot of chimchompas, so you can stop earlier if you like. For some good money, you can sell off the red chimchompas, however you are going to need them later on, however the starting money is hard to argue with. Choose whatever you think is best.
  • You may want to go to Puro Puro and hunt Dragon, Ninja, and Magpie implings for the loot to help boost your cash stack if you choose not to sell your red chinchompas.
  • Complete the waterfall quest. This quest can be started by talking to the lady Almera north of Ardougne. This quest is simple to complete, and there are many complete guides to be found . This will level you up to about 40 attack and strength. From here, you are going to want to buy some runes for magic spells and start the Fight Arena quest. You can safespot the monster behind the giant skeleton, making this quest very easy. You will gain some attack experience from this, as well as some thieving experience.
  • You are going to need to eventually get to level 99 strength to be a true zerker pure. There are many ways to do so in the ways mentioned, however some of the most popular include rock crabs in Rellekka. Doing slayer is also a good idea, as it gives you great money while also training your account.
  • Train your prayer to 70. It can be good to train it higher, as with a higher level your prayer potions restore more and you have to drink them less, however the main purpose of getting this is for 3 reasons. The first, being to get protect from Melee, which let's you complete the next step as well as the Fight Caves, as mentioned later. Second being so you can use Smite, which can be useful in high risk pks. Third, and most importantly, being able to use Piety. Piety gives a 25% boost to defence, a 23.33% boost to strength, and a 20% boost to attack , which of course can make your hits much higher and fights go much quicker.
  • You are going to need at least 43 prayer for this, as mentioned in the above step. You will probably be doing this with melee, unless you already have your range up, so that will make this fight much more difficult. Follow the guide linked above for a comprehensive guide. The point of this is to get the Fire Cape, which gives a strength bonus of 4 and 11 defensive bonuses.
  • Complete the quest Monkey Madness. Again, 43 prayer is almost necessary to completing this quest, as without it the monkey guards will hit insanely high on you. There are many guides that can be used to complete this quest. The purpose of this quest is to unlock the ability to use the dragon scimitar, a powerful weapon with almost the same stats of the whip, however only about 100k. It is highly used, and is recommended for use in fights.
  • Very carefully choose your reward for this quest. Doing this wrong will ruin your account. When speaking to Daero again, be sure to click the Strength and Stamina option, it will still give you defence experience, however it isn't enough to bring your level above the desired level.


In the end, you will be getting 94 magic for use of the spell "Vengence", which is very useful as it returns up to 75% of the damage inflicted to you back to your partner. However you only need 65 magic for the next step. You may want to consider profitably options such as barrows or alching, as money will almost always be a concern for your account, and any bit helps.


Complete the Lunar Diplomacy quest. There are a number of requirements to start this quest, including 60 mining and 61 crafting. However, it allows access to the Lunar Spellbook, which as previously mentioned, gives you access to the Vengeance spell. There are, again, many comprehensive guides for you to follow out there.


Train your Range. Get your range level to about 75 range through conventional means, then start chinning. Grab your black (and red if you have them) chinchompas and head back to Ape Atoll. Bring an emergency teleport, 6 super ranging pots, 18 prayer pots, 2 super antipoison(++ if available) and an emergency piece of food (shark). Head back to the tunnels in which you got your greegrees and start killing the monkey zombies. Have them all aggro you in a 9x9 square, as to maximize your experience. Pray melee from the monsters and you should never be able to get hit as long as you keep your prayer points up. Do this to 99 range if you can, or until you run out of chinchompas.


Get your Fighter Torso. Head to Barbarian assault and start grinding out floors. To get the torso, you are eventually going to need to kill the queen, so you are going to have do all 10 floors before you can get this item. However, it is not lost on death, and if you are quick enough, you should only have to get this once. This offers great offence statistics and you can't lose it.


Get your Rune defender. You are going to need to go to the Warriors guild north of Burthrope and start killing cyclopes for a defender. You are going to need lots of tokens, and using the armor reanimator gives you experience and lots of tokens at the same time. You have to get every tier of defender before the next, so expect to spend some time here.


Train your Attack and defence. With 99 strength this should be a breeze. Raise your attack level to 60 so you can wield your dragon scimitar and your defence to 45, but no higher so you can wear your fighter torso. If you train any higher you will ruin your account, so be very careful here.


Gear up. With your Fighter torso, fire cape, defender, and dragon scimmy, there is not much left to buy. Your big ticket item is the Berserker ring. However, for a helmet, buy a berserker helm (hence the name) and for an amulet, an amulet of glory. If you are very confident/rich, you could try an amulet of fury. You are going to want to buy a Dragon Dagger (p++) as your spec weapon. From here, buy a super set, along with equal numbers of sharks and cooked karambwans. You may want to buy some prayer potions as well.


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