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December 18, 2014

Ourg bones are used to train

Prayer is a skill which works best alongside your primary combat style (be it Magic, Melee or Ranged). Through the use of prayers you can temporarily increase stats, reduce damage, and protect against various attacks.

To view what prayers are available to you in game, load the prayers interface. If not visible on the game screen, you can access the prayer list interface by clicking on the powers icon in the ribbon and going to the Prayers tab.

For a list of altars/shrines by god, see Prayer Altars By God.


Curses interface

Upon completing The Temple at Senntisten quest, you will gain access to the ancient hymnal, which, once read, will allow you to use curses. Unlike normal prayers, which you gain access to as your Prayer level increases, the curses require you to change your entire prayer list by travelling to (under the Digsite) and praying at the altar there. To change back to the normal prayer list, pray at any other altar.

Finally, not only does the altar at The Senntisten Temple allow you to switch to curses, it also provides a handy 15% boost over your maximum Prayer level.

Prayer Points

Prayer points determine how long you can have your prayers active for. As you gain levels in the Prayer skill, the number of prayer points you have access to increases. The number of prayer points is equal to skill level * 10. If your skill level is reduced for any reason, your prayer points will also be reduced.

If you run out of prayer points, any curse or prayer that you have activated will deactivate and must be turned back on again once your prayer points have been renewed.

Draining Prayer points

Each prayer and curse has a drain rate which determines how fast it can deplete your prayer points. This is calculated as (drain rate * 10)/60 points drained per second.

For example, if you activated Augury, this would drain your prayer points at roughly 3.3 per second whereas Steel Skin would drain 1.7 per second.

Having multiple prayers/curses active will drain your points at a much faster rate.

Reducing Prayer point drain

Some equipment has prayer bonuses which can slow your prayer point drain by reducing the amount of prayer points a curse or prayer costs per second. This is calculated as (drain rate / 100) * (100 - prayer bonus).

For example, if you have a Amulet of glory, with a prayer bonus of 3, equipped and you cast Thick Skin your new prayer drain rate will be 0.97 instead of 1.

You can find a list of the drain rates of each prayer on the Prayers page, and for each curse on the Curses page.

The small, medium , large and huge fallen stars can boost your XP gain depending on your level. To activate your bonus XP, you must click the star. Once the bonus XP has been added to your bonus XP pool, the star is removed from your inventory.
Each individual item in the first age set (tiara, amulet, bracelet, cape and ring) grant 1% extra XP each. A complete set will grant an additional 1% XP bringing the total to 6% for the whole set.
The Dragon Rider amulet - a quest reward from One of a Kind - will increase the XP gained from burying dragon and frost dragon bones by 50%.
With the salvation, greater salvation, master salvation and supreme salvation auras, you can boost Prayer XP gain by 1%, 1.5%, 2% and 2.5% respectively. You also gain a prayer point recovery for every 500 Prayer XP gained (3%, 5%, 7% and 10% respectively). These auras are available through the Members Loyalty Programme.

1. Why is it that my protection prayers do not always work against another player?

The protection prayers will always work to reduce the damage you receive. They will not reduce damage by 100%.

2. My Protect Item prayer didn't work. Why is this?

Remember that Protect Item relies on your prayer points. There are instances where a player's prayer points will run out before they die, rendering the prayer useless. Also, the Protect Item prayer will not work in the Wilderness on high-risk Wilderness worlds.

3. Why can't I use any prayers in the Abyss?

4. Is it possible to regain prayer points within the Abyss?

5. How can I get extra prayer points?

Your maximum base prayer points (before other bonuses) is your Prayer level multiplied by 10.

Here are a few places where you can increase this:

The first two will give you two extra Prayer levels. Oo'glog's sulphur spring boosts your prayer points by 10%. Senntisten's Altar boosts your prayer points by 15%. Also, don't forget that a Prayer cape can boost your Prayer level to 100 and therefore your prayer points to 1000.

6. What's the best way to increase my Prayer level?

Get in the habit of burying every bone and scattering all the Demon ashes you see. Regardless of how little experience you may seem to be getting, it all adds up! Train your Construction skill high enough and you can build an altar in your POH, which multiplies how much XP you get from each bone buried. Finally, worshipping the Ectofuntus in Port Phasmatys is another fast way to gain Prayer XP.

7. How does the prayer points statistic work?

Next to your minimap, you will see the prayer points stat. If you are using prayers to fight monsters or players, then it will drain through use. Some items of armour or other equipment can slow this drain (look at your equipment bonuses by clicking the 'Show Equipment Stats' button in your worn inventory). The higher the Prayer boost is, the longer your prayers will last. For more information on Prayer-boosting equipment, see Prayer Equipment.

Prayer Related Skills

The following skills help with the Prayer skill:

Prayer Related Equipment

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