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May 14, 2016

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Runescape Brothers Rules (Repost)

1 januari - FlamingTorch | 2 kommentarer

RS Brother's Community Rules
This thread is a list of rules which are set within the community to prevent and disallow misbehaviour and related or abusive activity.

1. Do not scam
- Scamming will result to an instant ban with the correct evidence.
2. Please do not post unrelated topics or posts within our group.
3. Do not post adult content or malware.
4. What the group owners decision is, goes.
5. Do not message the group owner, officers, or moderators for off topic reasons, unless given permissions or others reasons.
6. Any users within this group who has special permissions (Moderator, Officer, Group Owner) has the power to enforce these rules given by me by any other reasons.
7. Suggestions and ideas about rs brothers, please come forward to the group owner.
8. Do not threaten or abuse other members or staff members.
9. Keep your post within 1-7 lines. Posts that exceed this length will be deleted and receive a 1-3 days ban.
10. Do not constantly bump up your post on runescape brothers every 5 minutes or do not have several posts on one page, if we notice someone doing this, we will issue a 1-3 day ban aswell. Wait at least an hour before reposting in the group.
11. We take all reports seriously if we believe someone is scamming or breaking the rules.
12. You are under no allowance allowed to trade a user banned from RuneScape Brothers.
13. Do not create fake reps from "Rep Boosting" groups.
14. Do not steal RuneScape Brothers Content.

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