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March 2, 2013

A player hunting red salas

Defined properties: Item ID: 10148 Weight: 4 Value: 200

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The Black salamander is the strongest salamander and can be caught using the Hunter skill at level 67. It requires level 70 Ranged, and it is 2-handed. Harralander tar is used as ammunition for the salamander. The ammunition is not retrievable like regular bolts and arrows, even with the use of one of Ava's devices, but it is relatively cheap and little ammunition is spent with the use of abilities.

The black salamander is a popular weapon and is cheaper alternative to Karil's crossbow. The damage and accuracy is identical to Karil's crossbow, and unlike the crossbow, it does not degrade or require any repair. Nevertheless, it is a cheap yet effective weapon when slaying monsters weak to bolts. However, this will deny you access to using abilities that require a shield as it is a 2-handed weapon.

Prior to an unknown update, the black salamander would disappear if left in a gravestone upon death. If this item is dropped upon death, you will be able to reclaim it.


  • Prior to the Evolution of Combat update, the black salamander dealt damage up to 2.5 times the level of the fighting style you were using. Black salamanders could use all three fighting styles: Scorch (strength), Blaze (magic) attack styles, and Flare (ranged) attack style. The attack speed of the Black Salamander when using Scorch or Blaze was 5, whereas Flare (ranged) attacked at a speed of 6, which is similar in concept to the Rapid style of most ranged weapons.
  • Prior to the EoC update, salamander gave combat experience equivalent to 2/5 of your damage as exp.
  • Prior to the EoC Update, it is possible to hit 638 life points of damage using the Black Salamander when combat stats are boosted to level 255 during the While Guthix Sleeps quest. (255*2.5= 637.5)
  • Like Chinchompas and Flags/Standards, the character's animations when wielding a salamander used to use the obsolete and choppy animation, even after the RuneScape "High Detail" update
  • In Clan Wars and the Duel Arena, if magic is turned off (or set to a certain spellbook/binding spells in the case of Clan Wars), the Salamander's magic option still works and counts as magic damage.

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