Best Browser for RuneScape

February 8, 2020


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To get the best experience out of playing RuneScape, it’s best to optimise your computer settings. We have put together some tips on how to do this below, this advice will help keep your computer in a healthy state too.

Computers sometimes suffer from performance issues due to malignant viruses or resource hogging spyware that have managed to embed themselves into the computer without the users knowledge. It’s always good to get hold of a decent spyware detector/anti-virus software if your computer doesn’t have any and it is always a good habit to run a regular full system scan of your computer with up to date anti-virus & anti-spyware software.

RuneScape doesn’t require much in order to play but it’s always a good idea to keep your programs up to date, especially Java and your Internet Browser. The developers continually work on fixing small bugs, and making improvements so you are only going to benefit from keeping your software up to date.

Graphics drivers are also key to performance. It’s a great idea to ensure you are keeping up to date with the latest drivers in order to aid your graphics cards performance. Simply visit your card manufacturer’s website in order to find the latest updates. If you’re unsure which card you’re using, you should be able to find this in your manual.

Although many people get frustrated with their Operating System or "OS" (such as Windows, Linux or Mac OS) automatic updates, it’s really quite important to ensure you are keeping your OS up to date. If you have disabled your automatic updates, then you should still be able to manually check for any. Many updates will aid your system performance by fixing known bugs and improving any security holes that viruses could potentially take advantage of.

Mac users simply need to click on the 'Apple' Icon in the top left of their screen and click "Software Updates..."

Your CPU can only run so many tasks at once. It would still be easier on your CPU to close any unnecessary programs you aren’t using whilst playing RuneScape. This will help the processor to do its work a lot quicker.

The more strain you put your CPU under the more heat it is going to produce, so always ensure you have adequate cooling to prevent any damage.


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