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April 27, 2015


New Varrock can be found in an alternate reality, where you never existed. The Sixth Age has never happened here, and villains rule with impunity.

New Varrock has suffered greatly in the past year, its citizens massacred when the demon Delrith was summoned un-opposed by Denath. Shortly thereafter, the city was conquered by the Mahjarrat necromancer Zemouregal's horde of armoured zombies. Zemouregal corralled Delrith behind a demonic ward in the south-east corner of the city, and raised any Varrock citizens who were still reasonably intact as zombies.

New Varrock is in an alternate reality and so, in theory, its location in Gielinor is the same as Varrock. However, it can only be accessed via the portal on Varrock's fountain once you've started the Dimension of Disaster quest, or by speaking to Gypsy Aris once the quest has been completed.

New Varrock's points of interest

New Varrock has possibly everything you could want from a city: there are a number of shops that are well-stocked, a good handful of quests to be done, and it is ruled over by an unforgiving Mahjarrat who has turned the majority of the populace into zombies - if that's what you class as a benefit.

In the west of New Varrock you'll find a rather overcrowded graveyard; a mining shop run by ; a tannery, Gertrude will sell a small selection of food in her shop; and there is an apothecary if you're in need of a potion or two. You'll also find the city's western bank, and a furnace and anvil for those looking to train their Smithing skill.

In the central part of the city, in the market square, there are several stalls: a vegetable stall run by Xuan; a gem stall run by Urist Loric; and Benny will sell you a copy of the New Varrock Herald if you wish to read about the local events. Although there is a fur stall, Zemouregal has forbade the sale of furs - he needs his steady supply of teddy bears after all. You'll also find Tiny Zemouregal who has some tasks for you to complete.

In the buildings surrounding the market there are several shops: a staff shop run by Zaff for those looking to stock up on magic-related weapons, armour and crafting goods; a platebody shop run by Horvik for Melee users to buy armour; an archery shop run by Lowe if you need to stock up on Ranged weapons and ammunition; a general store for skilling equipment such as shears and chisels; and Thessalia's clother shop offers cosmetic items.

To the south of the city you'll find: a sword shop selling Melee weapons; the Blue Moon Inn if you're looking for somewhere to relax; and Aubury's magic shop for the purchase of runes. If you're looking to make your own food, you'll find several cooking ranges this area.

The demon Delrith is being held in a compound in the south-east of the city, the entrance to which is guarded by Evil Dave himself. The east of the city also contains a pottery wheel and the old Zamorakian church.

The eastern section of the city contains several combat training dummies; the city's eastern bank; and the New Varrock museum.

To the north-east the Saradominist church where Father Lawrence still preaches can be found as well as the entrance to the cave where Silverlight lies, to the west of the church you'll also find a water source in Sir Prysin's house.

Be sure to admire the palace in the north of the city; it's a massive structure that is quite beautiful if regarded in a certain light. It is however home to Zemoregal and certain parts are filled armoured zombies so it might take some effort to look around and appreciate the decor.

A number of guards have been placed at strategic points around the city to ensure the citizens do not rebel, but there really isn't any danger of that seeing as how they rely on Zemouregal's power to animate their bodies. Aside from this, the guards and even the local zombies might prove intriguing to those interested in advancing their skills or looking for ways to get combat supplies in this dimension. For the sneakier adventurer, you may like to consider picking the pockets of the locals rather than attacking them. They often carry useful ingredients.

You'll find a number of locked chests scattered around the city. These require a lockpick to open, and some need you to train your Thieving level and complete quests before they can be opened.

Zemouregal can be found in the throne room of New Varrock Palace. Arrav can be found in the garden of New Varrock's Palace.
You will find the banshee Ellamaria in New Varrock Palace's garden. Reldo can be found in the library inside Varrock Palace.
Haig Halen stands near the entrance to the museum. Orlando Smith stands inside the New Varrock museum.
Father Lawrence can be found preaching in the church east of Varrock Palace. You can find Gertrude at her new house in the western section of the city.
Gypsy Aris can be found in her tent in the New Varrock marketplace. Sir Prysin can be found in his home, east of New Varrock Palace.

The following quests can be started in New Varrock:

New Varrock guard ( Level 90 | No weakness ) New Varrock guard captain ( Level 104 | No weakness )
Guards can be found throughout New Varrock. Guard captains can be found leading groups of guards at strategic points around New Varrock.
  • The chest in Zemouregal's study requires 90 Thieving to open and contains a number of strange items.
  • Copies of the books notes (A-L) and notes (M-Z) are available from the shelves in Zemouregal's study.
  • The hideout of the Phoenix gang can be found in the southern part of the city. The Black Arm gang is close by in the south-west corner.
  • Looking to earn more zemomarks? Tiny Zemouregal in the market square has some tasks that you can complete for him.
  • Thessalia has a strange item for sale for those looking to splash out on something unique.
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Runescape Purple Kitten/Cats!!
Runescape Purple Kitten/Cats!!
Runescape- How to get a purple cat. - COMMENTARY!
Runescape- How to get a purple cat. - COMMENTARY!
Runescape-How to get a purple cat
Runescape-How to get a purple cat
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