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August 18, 2016

Runescape members quest guide

CharlieBy:Princess Sjd

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* Indicates an item that is obtained during this quest.


  • Difficulty: Novice
  • Length: Short

A map of charlie's locationGetting Started

You begin the quest by talking to Charlie, the zoo keeper in Ardougne.

He will say he is busy, so ask if you can help him. He explains that there was a delivery of a ferret to his zoo. But when the ferret got there, it escaped! And so now the zoo has no new attraction. He mentions a man named Nickolaus, who has agreed to help get another ferret. But they have not heard from him for a while. Your task is to find him. Agree to help. He suggests the mountains, west of the Gnome Stronghold, as a good place to start looking as that's where the ferrets live.

There you should find a camp, with lots of ferrets that Charlie told you about nearby. Note that the tracks there have nothing to do with the quest.

A map of Eagles' PeakNow, inspect the books. You will find a bird book. Read it and a Metal Feather will fall out. The book contains information on all the birds used in Hunter skill, as well as information on giant eagles.

Next, go up the path in the mountains that those with 25+ Agility followed or climb up back the rocks. You should see a rocky outcrop.

When you inspect it, you get this message.

Now use that feather you got from the book on the outcrop. It will now become a cave entrance! Enter the cave. Start walking down the path and you will see a journal on the ground.

The campRead the journal and you will find out about the author and what they have been doing. It turns out that they are rather susceptible to random events, even though they were removed years ago (did Jagex forget to update this part of the quest!? I think so!).

Now walk to the south path until you get a small cut scene. There you will have found Nickolaus. He will tell you how he has just found the nest of a giant eagle. Tell him that Charlie sent you. He doesn't seem to think that getting a ferret is as important as the giant nest. When you offer to take the ferret for him, he explains all his equipment is at the camp and as he is trapped, he can't go get it. Offer to help. His plan is to trick the eagle into thinking he is one of them, in order to escape. He requires a disguise. He says you need a disguise as well.

Now collect 10 of the nearby feathers, then leave the way you came in. The next stop is the Fancy Dress Shop. This can be found in Varrock.

Speak to the owner, and tell him you want some bird outfits. He says he has none of those in stock. But he offers to make you one. He says you need 10 giant feathers, yellow dye and some swamp tar.

The mountain path Take the feathered journal A journal entry Find out how to support Sal's Realm by enabling ads.

Runescape members quest guide vid(Eagles Peak)
Runescape members quest guide vid(Eagles Peak)
Old School Runescape: Eagles Peak Quest Guide
Old School Runescape: Eagles Peak Quest Guide
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