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August 22, 2015

Runescape Membership is

Next up, you'll be presented with two options. You can either:


If you're just looking to cancel the subscription on the account you're currently logged into, hit Manage by account. If you have multiple accounts linked to a credit or debit card that you want to cancel, you can hit Manage by card, and see which accounts have active subscriptions using your card details.

Manage by account: You will be presented with an information panel showing the current package on your account, the display name of your account, the date you fired up your subscription, and the date your next payment is due to hit.

All that's left to do is click Cancel, to the right of Rebill Date.

Manage by card: You'll be presented with a screen with a few boxes to fill:

Simply enter the cardholder name, full card number from the front of your card, and the email address linked to your card payments (the one you receive your receipts to), and you will be taken to a list of accounts linked to your card.

To go ahead, simply hit Cancel, on the desired account. If you can't locate the account you are paying for, you can simply Contact Us here.

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RuneScape: Managing a Membership Subscription Info & Help
RuneScape: Managing a Membership Subscription Info & Help
Runescape membership Cancellation help! please
Runescape membership Cancellation help! please
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