Cheap Runescape Gold for Sale

October 18, 2020


Simply hover your mouse over either runescape 3 or runescape 2007 then select buy runescape 3 or runescape 2007 gold depending on which server you play. You will then be redirected to a page that will ask you the amount of gold you want to buy and your payment method. Fill out the necessary information, make the payment, and then connect to the Live Chat and an agent will deliver the gold to you.

2. Will I need to upload my ID or verify my phone number?

Due to the increase of fraud in the online world it is becoming harder and harder for merchants to identify fraudulent payments. We may need to see a photo of a government issued ID or call your phone number so that we can know you are the owner of your paypal/skrill/credit card.

3. How likely is it for me to get banned on runescape after buying gold?

In my past three years of gold trading on runescape I have never had a customer get banned for buying gold. We are an American based company and we do not outsource your gold orders to Chinese gold farmers.

4. How long will I have to wait for my gold after sending the payment?

After your order has been verified by our staff we will deliver the gold instantly. Feel free to contact the Live Chat support before placing your order to check that we are online and have gold in stock. If your order is not completed within 24 hours we will refund you in full.

5. What payment methods do you accept and how do they work?

  • Paypal - A popular and easy to use e-wallet. You can link your credit card and bank account to it.
  • Skrill - Skrill is another e-wallet similar to paypal. You can link your credit card or bank account to it.
  • Western Union - With Western Union you can send cash in person or money online. Western Union does not require you to make an account to send money in person.
  • Bitcoin - Bitcoin is a virtual currency that has gained popularity online over the past few years. You can buy bitcoin easily with bank transfer or credit card on sites like and
  • Paypal Mycash - You can buy this card with cash at many major retailers in the United States. After you buy the card simply scratch off the code on the back and give it to the livechat agent.

Max EOC account for sale - TAQ - Runescape - Trusted
Max EOC account for sale - TAQ - Runescape - Trusted
Runescape account for sale(18M)(3 month mem) level 112 (sold)
Runescape account for sale(18M)(3 month mem) level 112 (sold)
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