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March 9, 2015

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2016 is a special time for Runescape players because of RuneScape's 15 Year Anniversary. To celebrate its 15th birthday, Jagex will release a number of new updates, such as NXT, God Wars Dungeon 2, Gower Quest, Raids 2 and more. And this makes it very necessary for every Runescape players to make money and make early preparation for these new updates. If you don’t have much spare time to gain RS money in game, you may want to buy cheap RS gold on RSorder.

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RSorder has huge amount of RS gold in stock for sale at low price. RSorder offers long-existed discount code for all RS gold buyers. You can get 5% off with code “RUNS5” when buying RS gold on RSorder. In addition, RSorder offers various promotional activities to new and old customers. For instance, the coming 50% off sale offers 50 portions of half-priced 31M RS gold to RSorder customers. RSorder may not offer the lowest RS gold price when compared with other gold providers, however, you can always get rather cheap Runescape gold by using the discount code or joining in our promotional activities.

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When it comes to buy Runescape gold, everyone wants to get the RS gold easy and fast without waiting a long time. Luckily, RSorder guarantees to deliver RS gold to customer within 10 mins once the order is confirmed. To ensure you can get your RS gold as soon as possible, you should make sure to contact our 24/7 live chat service once your placed an order on RSorder. Additionally, there are many payment methods you can choose from when checking out on RSorder, such as Paypal, Moneybookers, Western Union and more. And there is no phone or email confirmation needed if you choose to pay with Paypal.

RSorder is a legit RS gold sites, and we guarantee to offer cheap Runescape with fastest delivery. If you need RS money on Runescape, RSorder always can be the best choice for you. If you want to buy cheapest RS gold on RSorder, make sure to visit our site regularly and take part in the promotional activities. Have fun.


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