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September 1, 2017

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The Members Loyalty Programme is our way of saying thanks for being a member. The concept is simple, being a member earns you loyalty points and the longer you're a member, the more loyalty points you earn. The more loyalty points you earn the more rewards you unlock. Rewards include a vast array of outfits, titles, emotes and, perhaps the most exciting of all, an arsenal of game play enhancing auras.

Simply subscribe and, each month that you're a member, you’ll be given loyalty points to spend on a great range of rewards. We’ll keep you up to date with any offers as well as when you’ve been given more points!

If you are a member, you are automatically signed up to the programme and will received loyalty points each month. Loyalty points are a currency earned through being a member and are used for purchasing rewards from Solomon's General Store.

For each month that you are a member you will receive loyalty points. These work in two ways: cumulatively for the number of months you have been a member while being signed up to the programme, and consecutively for being a member for several months in a row. You will never lose your cumulative total, but if you lose your membership for even a day, your consecutive total will be reset to zero.

For example: if you have paid consecutively for 4 months, but then let this lapse then you would fall back to 0 bonus loyalty points:

Loyalty Point Earnings Example
Month Points Bonus Points Total Points
This Month Total
Month 1 500
Month 2 3, 000 1, 500 4, 500 5, 000
Month 3 2, 500 7, 500 12, 500
Month 4 7, 000 9, 500 22, 000
Month 5 8, 000 30, 000
Month 6 9, 000 39, 500

Other examples are as follows:

  • A player who subscribes for 6 months and then lapses for 14 days will drop back to 0 bonus points but will continue with the 7th month point value.
  • A player who subscribes for 3 months and re-subscribes within 7 days will drop back to 0 bonus points but will continue with the 3rd month point value.
  • A player who subscribes for 4 months and doesn't subscribe until 30 days will drop back to 0 bonus points but will continue with the 5th month point value.
  • If you let your membership lapse you will also lose any progress towards your .

    Loyalty points are added on the first day that you sign up to the programme and on that same day each month thereafter. This date will only change if you let your membership expire. Then, the day your loyalty points will renew is on the day you add more membership.

    Click here for a full list of the loyalty points you can receive each month.

    Note that after the first 12 months, you will receive 15, 000 bonus points a month. Every 6 months, this is increased to 20, 000 before returning to the normal bonus of 15, 000.

    Months Points earned Bonus points
    10, 000
    11, 000 6, 000
    12, 000
    10 13, 000
    11 14, 000
    12 15, 000
    18 20, 000

    Milestone Items

    For every consecutive year of membership, you will unlock a milestone item. This relies on continuous membership and resets to the start if you break your membership streak at any time. As an extreme example, if you have the 3 year milestone item unlocked and then lose your membership streak, you will not get the year 4 item for another 4 years.

    Items are placed in your bank and can be reclaimed through Diango.

    Getting Rewards

    If you've got the loyalty points, Solomon has the goods! He's oddly fond of window-shoppers too, so if you're saving your points, feel free to check out what's on offer.

    Beginning on August 26th 2013, players who have been members for 12 and 24 months will get special milestone items. Players who have already been members for 12+ months consecutively previous to this date will also receive the items.

    Reclaiming Rewards

    Burthorpe + Varrock

    Xuan is a vendor famed all over Gileinor for two things: fighting badgers and selling some of the finest under the-counter-items in all of Gielinor. He specialises in Loyalty Programme rewards and can be found in his shops near the Warriors' Guild in Burthorpe and in Varrock market square.

    Should you lose any of your auras or re-coloured items, you will be able to reclaim them from Xuan. Note that for re-coloured items you must find or purchase the item again before bringing it to Xuan to be re-coloured. This is because it is not just the colour option that you lost, but the item itself.

    Other rewards from the Loyalty Programme are not physical items and so cannot be lost.

  • Auras - Auras are a method of improving the benefits you gain from certain skills, other auras are just for fun and provide no benefits. They are split into 4 tiers with tier 4 being the strongest and most powerful auras available.
  • Emotes - Emotes are pre-defined actions that your character can do. Emotes can show your mood, express an opinion or just make your character perform an impressive display of animations and movements.
  • Pet treats - These special items can improve the growth rate of legendary pets.
  • Animations - Spice up your skilling or spell casting with different animations. They do not change your XP gain or level, but make you look more stylish while you are skilling.
  • On March 13th 2012 the prices of tiered auras were adjusted. As a result, players who had purchased these auras were given a refund. Click here to see the items that had their prices changed.

    On October 23rd 2013 the prices of items that could be purchased with Loyalty points were reduced. As such players who purchased items with loyalty points between September 2nd 2013 and October 23rd 2013 were refunded 40% of the loyalty points they had spent. Click here to see the items that had their prices changed.

  • Skill Overrides
  • Emotes
  • Teleports
  • Titles
  • The Handsome/Beautiful
  • The Skillful
  • The Suave/Elegant
  • The Intimidating
  • The Untouchable
  • The Mysterious
  • The Stylish
  • The Outrageous
  • Cheerful
  • Grumpy
  • The Hot
  • The
  • Doctor
  • Esquire / Ms
  • Mister / Miss
  • Mr / Mrs
  • Junior
  • The Wild
  • The Adorable
  • The Tanned
  • Accessories
  • Costumes
  • Equipment and Weapon Overrides
  • Hairstyles
  • Pets
  • Miscellaneous
  • General

    1. What happens to my loyalty points?

    You will receive loyalty points at the old rate right up until the update, after which your loyalty point entitlement will shift to a new amount based on the new system. See the wiki for full details. You will not lose any loyalty points that you already have.

    2. When do I lose eligibility for monthly bonus loyalty points?

    Once your membership lapses, you are no longer eligible to earn and spend monthly bonus points, so it is recommended that you renew your membership as early as possible.

    3. Will I still be able to access the store through Xuan?

    4. Will I lose any loyalty points or runecoins in the merge?

    No. You will keep any loyalty points and runecoins that you have already earned/bought.


    Source: services.runescape.com

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