Cost of RuneScape membership

April 1, 2017

About 2 years of membership

summer 15 banner.jpg1. So what do I get with this year's Summer Special Package??

Snap up this year's summer package, available from 26th May, to load up your account with 3 months of membership for the price of 2, the Enlightenment aura, and the new Cosmic Foresight!

The Enlightenment aura can be activated once a week, and with it your XP gains will be doubled for one hour. Keep in mind that the XP boost can only be activated from 1st June – August 31st, so grab the package ASAP to take advantage!

The Cosmic Foresight is a mysterious effect which will activate on your account on 1st June and give you real in-game benefits for three months.

2. Do I have to buy the summer package to get these benefits?

If you are a Gold Premier Club member, then you will automatically be given the aura and the Cosmic Foresight. Similarly, if you have been a member for 12 months consecutively as of 10:00 UTC on 26th May 2015, you'll be given the aura and Cosmic Foresight when you next log in.

Players who do not meet these requirements will be able to get the new goodies and 3 months of membership for the price of 2, from the purchase page.

3. If I already have the Enlightenment aura, will I get another one, and will I also get the Cosmic Foresight?

If you have the Enlightenment aura from last year, you won't receive another one - you'll need to use the one you already have. If you've lost it, you can claim it back from Xuan. You will not receive the Cosmic Foresight without purchasing the package, having 12 months' consecutive membership or being a Gold Premier Club member, even if you have the aura from last year.

You must also be a RuneScape member to activate the Enlightenment aura.

4. What payment methods can I use to buy this package?

You can buy this package with credit card, PayPal, red 90/100 day game cards, or any alternative payment methods. You can also purchase Summer Special for RuneScape 3 or Old School using 5 Bonds of the corresponding type. Please note that Old School Bonds redemption is not available until 28th May.

5. How do I get this package with a Game Card?

The red 90/100 day card, worth £20 (UK), $25 (USA), €25(EU) or $40 (AU/NZ) is the game card to redeem in June! Any package you select for your card will give you an additional 25 days of membership, plus the Enlightenment aura and the Cosmic Foresight.

Please note you will only be able to redeem one red game card for this promotion – further game card redemptions will be as normal.

6. How do I buy the package with Bonds?

To grab your package with Bonds from RuneScape 3, make sure you have 5 Bonds in your inventory, bank or Bonds pouch, and then click to redeem one. Head to the membership packages, then select the Summer Special package. Click confirm, and the package will be added to your account!

For Old School RuneScape, the bonds package will be released on the 28th May. Simply redeem your bonds by clicking a bond, or through the bond interface and select the Summer Special package.

7. If I buy the Summer Special with Old School Bonds, do I get the items?

The Cosmic Foresight and the Enlightenment aura will be added to any RuneScape 3 account that purchases the Summer Special, even if bought with Old School Bonds on that account. However, an Old School character will only receive 3 months of membership.

8. Do I need to cancel my subscription?

If you have a credit/debit card or PayPal subscription, the extra 3 months of membership stacked on top of your remaining membership. You'll next be billed for membership when you have less than 3 days of membership remaining.

Note that this will create a new subscription agreement, where you will be charged every three months thereafter at the standard three-month price for your account.

If you have a Boku subscription, then this will continue to bill you on a monthly basis until you indicate that the rebills should be halted.

9. Will this package rebill me after the membership expires?

If you use a payment method where rebilling is possible, a new three-month recurring subscription agreement will be created when you purchase Summer Special membership. After your membership ticks down to three days, you will be rebilled for a three month membership term at the standard rate, taking into account any loyalty rates you have.

10. I can't find my Cosmic Foresight!

The Cosmic Foresight is not an inventory item, but is a passive effect active on your account. You'll benefit from it automatically when you play – you'll know when it happens!

11. I can't find my aura/I can't get my aura working!

Upon purchase, the aura will be added to your inventory or bank, if you don't already own it. If your inventory and bank is full, then it can be claimed from Xuan, who is found in Burthorpe and Varrock.

Keep in mind that the aura will only be active from the 1st June. Before that date, you will not be able to activate the experience gains! The last recharge for the summer aura will be on the 26th August.

12. How does my aura work?

The Tier 5 aura will recharge (finish its cool down) every Wednesday, and can be activated for 1 hour. During that hour, all of your XP gains will be doubled. If your aura is sitting around waiting for you with Xuan, keep in mind that it will have to cool down when you retrieve it – that means you should make sure you retrieve it before the upcoming Wednesday!

Keep in mind that the aura will be activated on the 1st June, and then will be recharged on the 3rd June, so make sure you have your aura in time for the extra activation!

13. I thought the Enlightenment aura was supposed to be for two hours?

We have reduced the duration of the Enlightenment Aura from two hours to one hour this year. The impact the aura had skilling resource economies in 2014 was immense, as you could prepare each week for two hours of double XP, and the aura lasted for three months. Reducing it to one hour will lessen its impact overall while still being an awesome way to train your skills.


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