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September 30, 2020

Tranzopus 2007 RuneScape

To summon a clan avatar, a clan member must hold a rank of Administrator or higher and must be assigned the Avatar Warden job through Clan settings, under Clanmates.

An avatar warden may summon an avatar by visiting the avatar habitat and selecting the "Interact" option on any avatar, choosing "Summon this avatar", then selecting a buff for the avatar. The avatar, upon selection for use and confirming which buff to use, acts as a follower for the warden and occupies the Summoning slot.

Clans may not have more than one avatar summoned in any game world, however multiple avatars may be summoned in their citadel. This is useful when you want to set multiple avatars to collect resources. However, only the first summoned avatar provides the bonus with which it was selected and it doesn't matter which bonus you picked on the second or third avatar when summoned.

A clan avatar with a buff activated

Buffs may be added to avatars by the Avatar Warden by interacting with the avatar in its habitat and selecting Fill buff slots for this avatar. Depending on the habitat tier, a clan can add up to 3 buffs to one avatar.

Important note: If the Avatar Warden wishes to remove or change the buff options that had been added to an avatar, the avatar habitat needs to be removed and rebuilt.

The Avatar Buff Select interface

If a clan avatar is summoned, it can only have one active buff at a time. To use a different buff of the avatar, you simply need to dismiss it and re-summon it again with the new buff loaded. When a buff is active, a specific symbol spirals around the avatar. Players under the effect of the buff also have a glowing symbol appear near their feet every few moments.

The range of the buff is a 22 by 22 square area centred on the avatar.

Skilling bonus

The Avatar Skilling Buff works with the following:

A player receiving the Clan Avatar's skilling buff

An intermediate situation exists where:

The Avatar Skilling Buff does NOT work with the following:

Anagogic orts

In order to access the benefits of clan avatars, clan members have to gather anagogic orts, which may be found skilling (both in the citadel and on the surface) and from combat on the surface, with a daily maximum of 200.

Through paying a clan avatar 300 anagogic orts, a clan member receives access to any of the set buffs for one week, finishing exactly 7 days after their payment. The orts can also be paid to the quartermaster in the keep in the clan citadel.

While in combat, mainly summoned with the Protector buff, it is possible to heal the clan avatar by paying it 30 anagogic orts. Additionally, while engaged in player killing situations, the avatar may also be attacked, and therefore able to be healed.

Citadel Resource Gathering

The Clan Avatar's Follower Details interface, displaying life points, current buff and resources gathered

The clan citadels were originally the flying fortresses of the aviansie, so Armadyl would have had his throne up there somewhere. Since the magic of the citadels is Armadyl's, it makes sense that the avatars are made by Armadyl too! Hope that makes sense.

— Mod Osborne

Clan avatars can also collect in the Citadel while summoned. To do this Interact with it and then select the Gather resources option. They collect whichever resource the Avatar Warden assigns to it, at one ninetieth of resource cap per 45 seconds (ie, [1/90] * resource limit). Each Clan Avatar also has a resource cap, the same amount as clan members for the clan's Citadel (e.g. 2000 for Tier 5 storehouse, 2350 for Tier 6, and so on). Once set to gather, the Avatar will continue to gather anywhere in the citadel except the Battlefield as long as it and the Warden remain within the citadel. On the Avatar's Follower Details screen, you can see its life points, current buff, and which resource it is gathering.

If the resource to gather is changed on the avatar, however, it is possible that the "Resource Gathering" area of the Follower Details might "glitch" and not update with the correct amount of resources collected or what type of resource. To fix this, the Avatar Warden may simply dismiss and re-summon the Clan Avatar and the information should update.

The clan avatar is considered a follower which means when the clan avatar is summoned, you cannot summon another follower. Similarly, if you already have a follower summoned when you try to summon the clan avatar, you will be told you already have a follower. You will have to dismiss the first follower before you can summon the clan avatar.

Since clan avatars are familiars, they may not be taken to locations where typical followers are not allowed. However, there are some differences between a clan avatar and a typical familiar. Firsty, if a player dies with the avatar, it is sent back to the clan citadel. Secondly, there are additional locations that they cannot be taken. For example, typical followers ARE allowed in the following areas, but clan avatars are NOT allowed:


The avatar recall rune, used to by clan members to recall an avatar to the habitat.

After summoning, an avatar will not be available for other clan members until it returns to the habitat. The warden may instantly return the avatar to the habitat at any time by dismissing it, though the avatar will automatically return 6 hours after being summoned. The avatar will not return to the habitat if the warden logs out while it is summoned.

Clan members with the Recall Avatar permission may use the Rune in the bottom-right corner of the avatar habitat to return an avatar held by any clan member to the habitat. This is particularly useful when clan members log out of the game with an avatar summoned.

  • If you try to bring the Clan Avatar into the Tears of Guthix minigame, Juna, the guardian, prevents you and says "I will not allow that creation of Armadyl into this cave".
  • Ironman accounts cannot summon, nor benefit from the buffs of a clan avatar, attempting to do so will give you the clan message "You cannot summon the Avatar in Ironman Mode" and "The Avatar ignores you as you are in Ironman Mode".
  • If you attempt to take the Clan Avatar into the Fish Flingers Competition, you will not be able and the Fisherman will simply say, "Umm, sorry but you can't take that, erm, floaty thing with you..."
  • If you try to enter the Crucible with the clan avatar, you will get the game message: Your clan avatar is repelled by the dark entrance and refuses to enter. You'll need to dismiss it.
  • Clan Avatars can't be attacked by clan members. Only non-clan members can attack it. When it dies, it simply respawns back in the citadel.
  • Clan Avatars can collect resources from skill plots that have not been built yet, but the skill plot has to be in the upgrades queue for the avatar to collect the resources from that skill plot.
  • Upon summoning a clan avatar, the left-click option on your summoning icon will become "call follower". Even after dismissing the avatar it'll remain like this. You'll have to manually change it again to your personal preference.

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