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December 22, 2020

Claiming pure essence from

The profit rate assumes 28 kills per hour. Your actual profit may be higher or lower depending on your speed.

The Queen Black Dragon is one of the best monsters to kill for money. There is not much variation in the value of her drops, especially compared to bosses whose average profit per kill is largely due to the price of a handful of rare drops. The QBD is fought in four phases, each progressively more difficult than the last. After depleting her health in each of the four phases and activating the four dragonkin artefacts, the QBD will return to her slumber and you will be able to descend from the platform and claim your reward from the dragonkin coffer.

It is highly recommended to have 96 Herblore for access to overloads and super antifire potions – and 92 or 95 Prayer for Soul Split and the combat curses Turmoil, Anguish, and Torment. As the QBD has an extremely high defence level, these, along with level 90 weaponry are highly recommended for the best accuracy. Dragonbane ammunition is also highly recommended, as it provides a flat 30% accuracy bonus while fighting her in addition to 25/40% damage bonus (abilities/auto-attacks respectively), increasing kill speed per hour. Additionally, 96 Summoning for the pack yak familiar will greatly increase the number of kills possible between banking. 99 Summoning for a Steel Titan, in tandem with Supreme overloads, Brightfire potions and the Enhanced excalibur, should allow for trips that last as long as the player has familiars and Combination potions available.

The QBD has no weakness, allowing you to use any combat style. Melee offers the best defence from her attacks but requires you to keep close; Ranged is weak to her melee and neutral to her ranged attacks; Magic is strong against her melee but weak to her ranged attacks.

The standard attacks that the QBD uses are that of melee, ranged, and dragonfire. Her ranged attack is far more accurate and powerful than her melee attack, so average damage from her normal attacks may be reduced by standing within melee distance of her. Her dragonfire attack cannot be fully protected from, and will always deal some amount of typeless damage, typically between 150 and 750. Without any dragonfire protection, this attack can deal up to 2, 500 damage.

During the first wave, the only special attack that the QBD may use is the flame wall. When she is preparing this attack, the game chat will read, "The Queen Black Dragon takes a huge breath." This attack may be completely avoided by running through the gap in the wall. However, if using melee, activating an ability to attack the QBD when the flame wall is one square away will allow passage through the flame wall without taking any damage. If improperly timed, 750 damage is dealt instead of the usual 1, 500 damage from letting the flame wall pass through you. Once the QBD's health for the first phase has been depleted, she will continuously spit out giant worms until the dragonkin artefact in the center of the platform is activated.

Upon activating the artefact, the QBD's health bar will refill and the second phase will begin. During this phase, she will use two flame walls instead of one, each roughly 2 seconds apart. These may be avoided in the same manner as before. However, she gains a new attack during this phase; she may summon a tortured soul, which will direct an attack at you. When she is preparing this attack, the game chat will read, "The Queen Black Dragon summons one of its captive, tortured souls." This attack will follow you until it hits you, a worm, or a tortured soul, and will usually deal around 1, 000 damage. The easiest way to avoid this attack is to run directly through the soul as it starts speaking. If the damage the soul takes does not kill it, attack it and finish it off. You may choose to not kill any remaining souls, but it may be beneficial to do so as the QBD may draw life from the soul to heal herself, or the soul may re-summon itself to damage you again. Once the QBD's health is depleted once more, activate the southwest artefact to begin the third phase. Keep in mind that standing on the transparent part of the platform for too long will cause a continuous stream of 1, 500 damage to be dealt. It is therefore recommended to quickly activate the artefact and immediately run back towards the QBD.


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