RuneScape chat commands

July 26, 2017

Pet: Confido Actions: -Barks

To walk somewhere you need to simply click where you want to go. To make your character run then go to the setting tab and toggle run on. The icon for the settings tab is a spanner and the run button is a small man running. To interact with items, monsters or people: right click, and select an option.

Accessing other interfaces are done by either clicking on them or by pressing its assigned hotkey. These keys are non-configurable and only work when appropriate.

  • ESC - Inventory
  • F1 - Combat Options
  • F2 - Stats
  • F3 - Quest List
  • F4 - Worn Equipment
  • F5 - Prayer
  • F6 - Magic
  • F7 - Clan Chat
  • F8 - Friends List
  • F9 - Ignore List
  • F10 - Options
  • F11 - Emotes
  • F12 - Music Player

You can run without manually activating it in Options by holding the Ctrl key and clicking to an area where to move to. You can continue running by doing the same or clicking on an area whilst running.

There are also chat commands you can use to change the way text appears above your head, all typed as the action, ended with a colon. It is possible to combine these effects by typing a colour, and then an animation afterwards (eg. Red:Wave:, Glow3:Shake:, etc.) You can disable seeing these types of text in the settings tab.


  • Red:
  • Yellow:
  • Cyan:
  • Purple:
  • Green:
  • Yellow: (does not give any changes)
  • White:

Flashing colours:

  • Flash1: (yellow and red)
  • Flash2: (cyan and blue)
  • Flash3: (light and dark green)
  • Glow1:
  • Glow2:
  • Glow3:


  • Wave:
  • Wave2:
  • Scroll:
  • Slide:
  • Shake:

Roofs can be toggled by typing ::toggleroof in public chat.

All you need to know, and more, about the game world. How to get started and how to develop your character.


how to use runescape chat effects
how to use runescape chat effects
RuneScape all chat colors / effects!
RuneScape all chat colors / effects!
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