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April 29, 2018

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(3/22/15) I regret to report that I will no longer be working on mods, atleast for the forseeable future. I am determined to pursue real-life obligations, and improve myself as a developer. I really appreciate all of the support I have received from you guys in the past three years of my modding hobby. I will remain as a consultant if anyone decides to pick up any of my projects, and help where I can and when I can. Just send me a PM, and I would be more than happy to help. Remember to respect the privileges given to me by other mod authors for any content I added to my mods. My only request is to credit me if you decide to take over the projects. Happy modding guys, I will truly miss making content for you.

This project is my way of paying homage to Runescape, as a fan, for the fans. This mod can in no way replace Runescape, or the last decade of wonderful gaming with Jagex LTD. Please support the official release.
The content in this mod is copyrighted by Jagex Ltd and reproduced under fair use. “Jagex” and “RuneScape” are registered trademarks of Jagex Ltd. You may access the official RuneScape website here:

Have a user-created Runescape asset you think would fit perfectly in the mod? PM TripleSixes!
RuneSky now requires The Dawnguard DLC.

New in v0.13:
Open RuneSky's MCM tab to add the new combat updates.
Use the key, 'F1' to choose your attack style. Later on, with certain attack styles selected, your character will have a different combat idle. Melee combat is now a thing! Please give me feedback on this new feature!

What do you want to see in the next release? Vote here!

Goal of the Mod
This mod is an attempt to fully recreate Runescape in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This mod recreates the skills, quests, and the overall feel of Runescape, as a first person experience using the creation engine. This mod is a completely modular experience, but if you use the console, you will risk compromising your save's integrity.

Ever wanted to feel more immersed in the world of Runescape, Gielinor?
Ever wanted to use skills such as fishing, firemaking, or wouldcutting in Skyrim?
Ever wanted to have a similar experience to an MMO in Skyrim?

This mod is for you!

This project is made for the RuneSky community by Runescape players, community members have alot of say when it comes to the development of this project. Be sure to let us know what you want out of RuneSky! Here is what we need from you, the user:

The name, skills levels, and primary outfits of your Runescape character, so I can recreate them in this mod.
This is a very important factor I want to incorporate into the mod, and make it feel more like an MMO, even if it isn't. I have a few ideas to take it further, and will implement them in the future.

This version of the mod has lots of place-holder models and imbalances in the skills and combat. Please reflect on these imperfections, but understand that I am aware of the place-holder models.

This mod has lots of menus and dialogue. I recommend:
Better MessageBox Controls by ecirbaf
Better Dialogue Controls by ecirbaf

How to start:
This mod comes "as is", unexpected behavior caused by console use will not be addressed, do yourself the favor of not using the console for anything in this mod.
This version is officially playable with your main character, if you wish. I am 100% sure there are no unexpected issues that could complicate your main character's save-game, as long as you do not use the console for anything.

While in Skyrim (NOT RUNESKY), Open Skyrim's main menu (Esc), and open the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM), click on 'RuneSky'. This menu is essential to playing the mod. The 'Teleport' tab functions as a means to bounce between Skyrim and RuneSky. It stores all of your skyrim equipment and stats, and sets you up for play with new ones. You will arrive naked to your destination after using this teleport, excluding the first time. This is a limitation of papyrus. Just equip your belongings and go about your day. Using this 'teleport' tab while in RuneSky, will send you back to Skyrim, storing your RuneSky items and stats, and swapping between the previously stored stats.

Do not open the vanilla skill menu after you've leveled up, doing so will trap you in the skill menu until you increment your stats, which will impact your RuneSky stats, and not your Skyrim stats. I have the development of RuneSky's stats scripted and taken care of, you will messing with your Skyrim skill set. Just don't do it!
If you want to invest level up bonuses and perks into your character. Take a moment to bounce back to Skyrim using the MCM's Teleport option. Do so, then hop back to RuneSky.


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