RuneScape White boots

June 19, 2016

White boots have 75 prayer

The skill we know as prayer can be very advantageous. By calling upon the Gods of Runescape, one can perform such acts as regeneration, superhuman strength and invulnerability to magic, combat and ranging. The ability to call upon these gods must be trained however, and that is the art of prayer. The higher your prayer level, the greater your advantages.

To use a prayer, open the prayer menu and a list of prayers will be shown. Click on the prayer you want to activate. If you want to turn it off again, simply click it one more time.

Prayer that you have the level to use.
Prayer that is in use.
Prayer that you don't have the level to use.

Each of the prayers can be turned on or off individually. When you use a prayer, you are given an advantage depending on the prayer you choose to use. However, you can only use one prayer for each category at a time. For instance you can have 'superhuman strength' (raises strength) and 'incredible reflexes' (raises attack) at the same time, but you cannot use 'improved reflexes' and 'incredible reflexes' simultaneously, since they both increase your attack.

The prayer interface gives the option to show/hide stat adjustments - a useful tool for seeing how much a specific stat (Attack, Defence, Magic, Ranged, and Strength) is being boosted or drained. The displayed figures are rounded towards 0. For example, a stat that is being boosted 10.5% will be displayed as 10% and a stat being drained -10.5% will be rounded to -10%. The displayed percentages include both prayers you are using to boost your own stats and effects other players are using on you.

As well, you can right click the prayer icon at the top right of your screen to select prayers, or groups of prayers, more effectively. Simply right click the icon, then select the prayers you wish to group. Then, you can quickly and easily turn the prayers selected on with a single click of the prayer icon.

If you are just starting out in Prayer you may want to pay a visit to Roddeck the Advisor in the building east of Lumbridge General Store to learn about the different kinds of bones as well as various other tips. You can also contact him by clicking the ‘?’ button just next to the logout button.


Using prayers will slowly drain your supply of prayer points. When all of your prayer points have been drained, all active prayers will be deactivated. You will need to recharge your prayer points (at an altar, for example) before you can use prayers again. The rate at which your prayer points are drained depends on the prayers you are using, and the prayer bonus of the equipment you are wearing - please refer to our Prayer Drain Calculator for more detailed information. The prayer icon near the minimap will tell you how many prayer points you have remaining.

You can't use two prayers that boost the same skill at once. For example, if you're using a prayer that boosts magic by 15%, you cannot turn on another prayer that boosts it by 10%. Similarly, only one protection prayer can be on at a time, although you can use Protect from Summoning in conjunction with other protection prayers.

Having a high Prayer level allows you to use your prayers for longer periods of time, an advantage that is invaluable when it comes to duelling, player killing and training.

Protection Prayers

The protection prayers (Protect from Melee, Protect from Missiles, Protect from Magic and Protect from Summoning) are incredibly useful. When fighting against monsters, they will typically provide 100% protection from an attack of that type. Some NPCs, however, have the ability to hit through prayers. When fighting against other players, they will reduce the damage dealt by an attack of that type by 40%, while increasing the amount of times you block your opponent's attacks. When in use, a little icon will appear above your head. This icon is visible to other players as well.

Protection prayers can be invaluable when you are in a tight spot, or when you are training. A good training technique against high level monsters that typically do a lot of damage is to wear equipment that gives good prayer bonuses while using the Protect from Melee prayer. Your prayer points will drain quite slowly, allowing you to last a while. Bring prayer potions to extend the duration of your training session even further. Please refer to the section of this guide for a list of equipment with prayer bonuses.

Curses (Members only)

Members who have completed the Temple at Senntisten quest gain access to an ancient hymnal, which unlocks the ability to use Curses. Similar to Lunar/Ancient magicks, you have to switch from normal Prayers to Curses in order to access the Curses list. You do this by praying at the altar in the Senntisten Temple (located under the digsite.) Players have reported that one feature of the Curses set of prayers is a lower drain rate.

To switch back to the normal prayer list, simply pray at any other altar. You will be asked if you would like to switch back to normal Prayers, or just recharge your Prayer points.

Praying at the Senntisten Temple altar will also boost your Prayer by 15% over your max Prayer level.


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Runescape drawing- Girl white elegant
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