RuneScape Dragon kiteshield

February 12, 2017

Dragon Kiteshield From First

Defined properties: Item ID: 12844 Weight: 0.05 Value: 100

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The Toy kite can be bought from Diango in Draynor Village for 100 coins. The toy kite was released as an April Fools joke by Jagex on 1 April 2008, toying with their players' anticipation of getting a Dragon kiteshield; similarly to the Dragon plate and Toy Horsey April Fool's pranks from previous years. The name was changed from Dragon kite to Toy kite the next day.

According to Diango, a huge shipment of dragon kites was ordered exactly one year ago but was delayed, leading him to believe that they were never going to arrive and that someone was playing a joke on him. He also explains, when asked how he got so many, that there was an offer of 'Buy 1, Get 1000 free' which Diango felt was too good of an offer to pass up. He refers to the price as a bargain and when purchased, cautions players not to "get carried away!" On 9 November, toy kites were prevented from floating away while playing Vinesweeper.


  • Performing certain actions will cause the kite to remain floating in midair while players' hands are otherwise occupied.
  • Upon its release, the Toy Kite was named "Dragon Kite". This was changed by Jagex to the current name because players would sometimes attempt to scam other players by claiming that the Toy Kite was a Dragon Kiteshield.
  • There is a glitch when you jump over the wilderness wall with the toy kite, the toy kite coils up like an abyssal whip when you jump over the wall.
  • The symbol on the kite has a resemblance to the symbol on the Dragon sq Shield. This has been changed due to the graphical update.

custom runescape item: Dragon Kiteshield!
custom runescape item: Dragon Kiteshield!
Runescape - The Real Dragon Kiteshield!
Runescape - The Real Dragon Kiteshield!
Runescape Dragon Kiteshield
Runescape Dragon Kiteshield
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