RuneScape Gilded Altar

November 8, 2016

Gilded altar built

Note:Some Prayer experience boosting items do boost prayer experience at Player-owned house Altars, but do not boost prayer experience at the Ectofuntus. This counts for the following:

Player-owned houseEdit

With the release of the player-owned altars, members have the option to build an altar to their respected Gods in their Chapel. This method provides an additional 100% to 250% increase of experience gained depending on the altar, with an additional 50% to 100% increase for lighting one or both burners. Prayer training in this form almost always involves using the highest boost; players gain 350% of normal experience when using a gilded altar with two incense burners lit (or 367.5% with the use of perfect juju prayer potions).

Items needed for this method:

Lighting candles or torches in your altar will NOT provide any bonuses. Incense burners and marble burners both provide the highest bonus; the more expensive marble burners provide no further reward.

There are several methods to obtain additional bones after using them. The fastest options without much running is to use an equipped ring of duelling, amulet of glory, ring of kinship, or a TokKul-Zo to teleport to a bank, then teleport back to your house using a house teleport tablet or the teleport to house spell. An alternative way to teleport to a bank is to use an Amulet of glory mounted in a Quest hall, or a portal room. You could also have your house located in Yanille and just run to and from the bank, but teleporting proves faster.

  • The fastest way is to have runners, players who run to and from a bank to a house, hand you unnoted bones for noted bones, but they wouldn't be providing their services without any compensation so it would be difficult to find anyone to run for you: On 1 February 2011 the re-release of free trade and wilderness was added and players are able to pay others for this without the hindrance of a trade limit.

Maximise the number of bones that you take with you. This can be done by using a Beast of burden, such as a War tortoise or Pack yak. When using a War tortoise, the burning time of the burners just about equals the time to offer all bones. It is possible to have a friend run back and forth from the bank to get bones to sell to you.

It is possible to use the gilded altar at another player's house. This decreases training speed since you will have to teleport to your house then type in the persons' name before entering. Although now there is an option that can let you enter the last house you visited. Make sure you've moved your house to Yanille, and have your teleporting house option set to At portal.


open gilded altar runescape 3 frost dragon bones
open gilded altar runescape 3 frost dragon bones
Runescape Oldschool/07 First Gilded Altar Livestream Part 2
Runescape Oldschool/07 First Gilded Altar Livestream Part 2
Old School Runescape Gilded Altar prayer bot! G altar.
Old School Runescape Gilded Altar prayer bot! G altar.
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