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November 20, 2016

Generous Hackers

Recently, our Old School RuneScape community voted which of ten player-suggested slogans would make it onto three stylish OSRS t-shirt designs. The votes are in. Take a look here for details of which slogans came out on top!

You can get your hands on these fine, limited-edition garments in several ways:

The sure way is to purchase a 12 month membership package between now and 16th June 2013, which will get the chance to choose one of the three t-shirts. Not only will you get to choose your t-shirt but you will also guarantee your entry to Old School Runescape[sic] for the next 12 months at the current rate - as well as 12 months' access to the main Runescape[ game.

Also, every day for the next 10 days, we will be choosing a winner to receive a free t-shirt from those that enter our competition on Facebook. On top of that, there will be regular giveaways on Twitter, so make sure you are following our JMod Twitter accounts to get involved there too.

Don’t forget: to take advantage of this offer, you must have a registered email on your account so we can send you the voucher code for your free t-Shirt. You can add an email to your account here.

The Old School RuneScape Team

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free membership for runescape world of warcraft no credit
free membership for runescape world of warcraft no credit ...
Free Runescape Membership
Free Runescape Membership
How to get Runescape Membership for FREE!
How to get Runescape Membership for FREE!
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