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January 9, 2018

A collapsed mineral deposit

The Living Rock Caverns is a members-only area that was added on 17 September 2009. The area was designed for players with high levels in Fishing and Mining.

Players can enter the caverns from the north in the Dwarven Mine under Falador and Ice Mountain, by climbing the rope attached to the crevice just south of the north-eastern entrance ladder and east from the Keldagrim Mine cart.

There are no quest or skill requirements necessary to enter this area. However, it is a dangerous area, as aggressive level 92 living rock creatures guard the resources, so training skills here may very well be interrupted regularly and dangerous. Protection prayers can be used to avoid most damage. It is also possible to lure the creatures at each resource, so that the resource can be gathered without being attacked, and some resource areas even have safe spots. However, combat is considerably more difficult to avoid if travelling between the resource and bank deposit.

For players of low combat or wishing to spend a long time in the cavern, it may be advised to train with other players on the official Living Rock Cavern world 84.

Getting there

The Living Rock Caverns are found below the Dwarven Mine beneath Ice Mountain, near Falador. Defensive armour is recommended, as the living rock creatures are aggressive and high-levelled. There are several main ways to get there:

The image on the RuneScape home page on the day of its release.

  • The Lassar Teleport from the Ancient Spellbook, the Monastery teleport from the combat bracelet or the Body altar teleport all teleport close to this entrance.
  • Through the entrance in the north of Falador, or the Mining Guild, then north, then west to the entrance to the Living Rock Caverns.
  • Take the mine cart from Keldagrim to Ice Mountain. From the cart station, go south to the second passage way east. From here, first go east and then north around a chasm. At the top end of this chasm, climb a rope down to the Living Rock Caverns. This may be the most convenient way, as players can also travel to the Grand Exchange and White Wolf Mountain on the mine cart system, as well as Dorgesh-Kaan through the Dorgesh-Kaan - Keldagrim Train System (if the player has completed Another Slice of H.A.M.). Jagex has also pointed out that players can smelt and smith their ore at the Blast Furnace near the cart station in Keldagrim.
  • Through a directed skilling portal in the Max Guild of Prifddinas. Requires Plague's End and at least one 99 or a Quest Point Cape.

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