Cheap 07 Runescape Gold

September 1, 2018

Buying cheap rs gold with 4

  1. In the event that we are not online and you order, your money will be refunded immediately as soon as a manager logs in (8 hours max).
  2. We do not do refunds on any completed transation. All sales are final.
  3. We are not responsible for any RWT bans, though this has not yet been a problem with our customers.
  4. Bogla Gold does not take possession of the virtual items it has listed - we mediate between buyers and sellers and take commission for ensuring the safety of the trade between the two parties and for assuming the risk on processing payments.
  5. Anybody working at Bogla Gold is an operator, but not an employee - Bogla Gold takes commission on profits they make from mediating sales. All payments processed are made to Bogla Gold and not these operators. In the case of fraudulent claims on a purchase at Bogla Gold, it is treated as a claim against the company rather than the operators of Bogla Gold.
  1. We reserve the right to decline payments made by any unverified PayPals.
  2. We reserve the right to require documents uploaded to prove the payment made to us was authorized by the PayPal or Skrill account holder. In the case of fraud these documents will be given to local authorities, PayPal or Skrill, Visa, and any other 3rd party involved if any fraudulent attempts are made against Bogla Gold.

The way we keep our prices low is by having a system that helps us defend against attempted fraud such as a customer receiving their goods and then attempting a chargeback. To defend ourselves against fraudulent claims, we reserve the right to use customer information to make our case against payment processers, banks, credit card carriers, the Ic3, and if required, local authorities. We also reserve the right to take any official legal action where we see fit.

The bottom line is - if you are here to commit fraud, we will pursue you through every avenue available, not only to reclaim any disputed funds, but to make sure any necessary legal action is taken so that others won't be a victim. An example of this may be a credit card provider taking into account fraudulent actions into credit scores.


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Rs Gold Stock | How to Buy the Cheapest Runescape Gold
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