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November 6, 2016

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Random events have now been removed from the game.

Random events were originally placed in RuneScape to stop cheaters - people gaining xp without being at the keyboard. Randoms can occur at any time and any place - while you are doing anything! All you have to do is respond to them. Both members and non-members alike can get all the random events listed, EXCEPT where specifically indicated.

In this guide, you'll find all the different random events that can occur while you're playing. We tell you what they do, and what you should do when one happens to you. When you finish, you are returned to where you were picked up, and if your inventory is full, your reward will be under your feet.

Jagex has announced that if you fail a random, you will be randomly teleported to a safe location but your Home teleport will be disabled for a while. You may also have your stats slightly reduced (but not life points nor Defence). Jagex also stated that players who continue to fail puzzle randoms will be treated the same as failing (above), rather than being stuck forever. Players who succeed at randoms should get them less often!

The from random events have been changed - in most cases, players can now choose their own reward!

Random Events

Random events are no longer skill or activity related - they can happen anywhere and any time. They are there to make sure you are awake and at the keyboard. Here is an index to this section:

What it does:

The Bee Keeper kidnaps you and asks you to help him with his hive (used to be a flax-picking random.)

What you should do:

Click on each piece of the hive on the left and drag it to the proper level on the ladder, following the example. From top to bottom: rounded top, plain, hole, and legs. Click BUILD when done. The random event gift will include a special additional option: you may choose to receive some flax as your reward.

Sometimes, the Mysterious Old Man will teleport you to a maze. Complete the maze (get to the centre) as fast as possible, and you will receive a valuable reward - possibly hundreds of runes, arrows and ores. There are also some chests inside the maze which you can search, but it slows you down. If you have a full inventory, the chest will send the items found within to your bank. The longer you take to complete the maze, the less your reward will be. Your run energy will be 100% the entire time you are in the maze. The Mysterious Old Man has a right-click bank deposit feature for your convenience. He also follows you through the maze. The reward structure of this event has not changed - there are no choices.

The MOM teleports you to a mime artist, and you have to imitate his actions. Choose the correct action four times to win. The reward choices include an emote animation (glass wall, glass box, lean or climb rope), or a costume point. Costume points from this event can be spent to purchase Mime clothing (Mask, top, legs, gloves and boots).

The MOM teleports you to the classroom of dragon professor Mr. Mordaut, where you will take an exam. You must answer three out of six questions correctly to be teleported back where you were and receive a reward. The exams are related to skills, such as fishing or combat. One type of question is to identify what is next in a pattern. Examples include: pick, ore, hammer - metal bar. Armour, bar, ore - pickaxe. Tinderbox, logs, candle - lantern. Item groups can be seen as range, mage, combat, mining, fish, food, etc. The other type of question shows 15 items laid out like cards, and asks you to select three related to the hint text. Melee, fishing, mystical (magic), jewellery, thirst (drinks), covering your face (masks), and "me hearties" (pirates) are a few of the hints. Click the "thumbs up" symbol after you've selected three.

When you've finished the test, you are told to leave by a specific door - the others won't open. If you get four questions wrong, you will be teleported to a random location. If you got three questions right, you'll receive a random gift box reward. The choice under "XP item" will be a book of knowledge, which you can spend on any skill. The xp will equal 15 times your level in that skill. (If your selected skill is level 41, you would get 615 xp.)

This time the MOM challenges you for a little game. It's called pinball, but human pinball would be more correct. You have to tag 10 poles. You must tag the pole with rings around it. If you tag a wrong pole, or try to leave (between the trolls who serve as flippers) before you're finished, your score will be set to 0, forcing you to start all over again. Walk south past the trolls to exit when you have scored 10, finishing the game.

What it does:

Formerly a farming random, pirate Cap'n Arnav will now whisk you away to his private island where he buried his treasure. He will ask you to help him get the lid off the treasure chest by solving the combination lock puzzle. Mysteriously, his island includes a bank deposit, if you need it.

What you should do:

If you ignore him, he'll mug you and teleport you to a remote location. If you decide to help him, you'll get a puzzle screen like the one below. To solve the puzzle, all you have to do is match the centre row of pictures with the correct word shown on either side, using the up and down arrows like a slot machine to make "three in a row". When you're done, click the "unlock" button. You get five tries to unlock it. When you solve it, leave his island via the exit portal.

What it does:

Ever notice that you can withdraw multiple items from your bank as notes? In RuneScape Classic, "notes" were called "certificates" or "certs", and they were obtained from three brothers: Niles, Miles and Giles. Since retiring from the "certing" business, Niles, Miles and Giles have been amusing themselves giving simple tests to passing players. One of them will kidnap you to their posh office.

What you should do:

Talk to him and answer the multiple-choice question he asks you. All you have to do is identify the spinning object and select the correct answer from the choices you're given. If you fail the test or ignore him, he'll try to convert items from your inventory into banknotes, then teleport you away! Notice - there is a Bank Deposit Box in the office, so you can bank before you exit through the portal! See below for a sample test:


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