Barbarian Assault Runescape

December 10, 2019

Battling the Penance Queen

If you die here, you will not lose any of your items.

Barbarian Assault is a cooperative, team-based safe combat minigame located at the Barbarian Outpost. A team of 5 players must work together in order to defeat 10 waves of Penance monsters and, finally, their leader, the Penance Queen. After completing normal mode once after the rework on 26 August 2014, you may challenge hard mode and the Penance King, Cacus. Teamwork and coordination are vital in order to achieve success at this minigame.


Captain Cain, a barbarian leader

The barbarians at the Barbarian Outpost need your help to fight back the seemingly endless waves of Penance monsters. Captain Cain briefs you and your fellow adventurers on your tasks when you arrive. Without completing his tutorial, you cannot play. After gathering a party of five teammates, you can head straight into the battle. After fighting back enough waves of Penance, you'll have enough Honour points to buy a variety of combat-based and cosmetic rewards.

Battling the Penance Queen

Barbarian Assault is a safe minigame and, as such, players do not lose any items upon death. As combat is the minigame's main component, high Defence and Constitution levels provide an advantage. Additionally, a high Agility level is beneficial as it allows players to run for longer periods of time, providing the opportunity to evade threats. A safespot used to be behind the horn of glory, which rendered all enemies unable to attack. However, this was removed with the update to the minigame. Note: If a teammate is killed, the entire group must restart the wave.


Details information regarding creating a team, brief role descriptions, and Penance monsters that are faced.


Overview of basic gameplay technique. Includes information on the gameplay interface, battlefield layout and how to complete player roles.


Contains information pertaining to more advanced, specific, and efficient gameplay techniques.


Note: You must choose Honour points or Experience before each wave starts, or you continue to receive the same reward type as the previous wave.

Wave Breakdown

This breaks down every wave and tells you the amount of monsters in the wave.

Honour Points

You can trade in Honour Points in return for role level upgrades, equipment and for gambling. You may also spend Honour points on changing the colour of an abyssal whip or dark bow to blue, green, white, or yellow for 50 points in any role. After beating the Penance King five times, you may purchase insignias that boost stats and have effects outside of Barbarian Assault

Experience reward

You can get Bonus experience in either Agility, Firemaking or Mining instead of Honour points. The amount of experience is determined by the number of the wave, the mode used, and the current level of that skill. For example, having level 99 Agility yields 8, 116.5 bonus experience from hard mode wave 1 and 12, 175 bonus experience from hard mode wave 2. And having level 1 Agility yields less experience in both cases. If all three skills are the same level, Firemaking gives more bonus experience, followed by Mining, and lastly Agility.

The building beneath which the minigame takes place


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