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June 30, 2017

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A Password is a set of characters which is used to gain access to an account. It is recommended that your password does NOT relate to anything close to you, such as a favourite animal or the address of your house. Rather, it is more recommended that you name your password after a famous person's birthday or something similar that can be re-looked up in the case you forget. A combination of letters and numbers will make a good password.

Never tell your password to anyone. Anyone that attempts to ask about your password should immediately be reported for Rule 3. There is also a system that prevents any IP address from accessing any RuneScape or FunOrb account if five or more incorrect passwords are tried in succession, doing that can be recognised that you are on a hacking attempt.

The chat censor filters any text that has your EXACT password included in the text. If you do so the words will not appear as usual in the chat box and on top of your character's head. Instead, this dialogue pops out in the chat box: You appear to be telling someone your password - please don't! If you are not, please change your password to something more obscure! However, the filter cannot filter your password if you say it backwards, or with a space in-between the letters.

Your password is NOT blocked on the forums. Your password is also not blocked on RuneScape Classic.

Your password is the same for RuneScape and FunOrb.

On 9 January 2009, Jagex released an update to make people who had one of the 500 most common passwords to change it. These people could not log on until their password was changed.

Changing your password

To change your password hover your mouse over "Account" on the bar located just below the advertisement on the Runescape or Funorb home pages, then select Account Management option from the drop down box that will appear. An option to change your password will then be shown. When selected, this will redirect you to a Jagex site where you will be asked to enter your present password as well as your new password. Once accepted, the new password takes effect immediately.

It is strongly advised to run virus protection software prior to changing your password, especially if you suspect your computer might be infected by a keylogger or you have any other security concerns, or use a different computer of which you know it is secure.


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How to get Runescape free account and password 2011 !
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*LEGIT* Runescape free account and password. 2013!
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