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March 15, 2015

Register an account

There are only two reasons why your password reset request might be denied:

Make sure you are entering the correct log in name. Remember, , this will be an email address. If you think this is the case, and you have forgotten the log in name, please head here instead.

We can only return accounts when we can see clear evidence provided by you to show you created it.

Here’s the information you will have been asked, and we would expect you to be able to know if you are the creator of the account. Remember, the oldest information you can provide for all of these, the stronger your appeal will be.

Recovery Questions

You will be asked to provide any recovery question answers you have set in the past. If you don’t recognise the questions you are being asked, just enter any answers you remember from any old questions.

Subscription Details

In the event you have bought membership, or this has been bought for you, we would expect you to know the following details:
  • Post Code of bill payer
  • Payment Email Address
  • Payment Type
  • Bill payer name

Previous Passwords

Simple: the earliest you can remember, the better! We would expect you to be able to remember at least 1!

Other Details

Where you created the account, is definitely something the account creator would know. If you can’t provide this, your appeal will be denied.
  • Creation Date: Year and month
  • Where: Country
  • ISP: Internet Service Provider you used when you created the account – most people don’t change ISP’s for years, so have a think!
  • Current ISP: Who provides your internet currently?
  • Moved house? When? Where from/to?

Final Tips

  • DO NOT use a VPN or anything that masks your I.P address
  • Try and submit your appeal from a computer/location you have played on the account from before

Remember that you should only attempt to recover accounts that you have created yourself, we will not help you attempt to recover someone else's account. If your appeals are continually denied, it means you are unable to prove you created the account. As such, we will not be able to assist you in resetting the password.


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