RuneScape account settings

February 3, 2020

Account Settings:

The my examine settings interface is an action window. It allows you to change your status, personal message and privacy settings in regards to the player examine interface.

Your status is set via the drop down box at the top of the interface. It is a list of various phrases such as 'bankstanding' and 'do not disturb'. The status is meant to offer other players an idea of what you are up to today.

Your personal message is perhaps something you'll change less frequently and can be used for a variety of purposes and you can put anything you like in this box (within the rules of course). You'll need to keep your personal message under 70 characters. Simply click on the box, type a message, and press return to set your personal message.

The privacy tick box is what you should enable if you do not want other players to see more information than what is already available to them when they look at you. It will hide your stats and skills, as well as your clan name. Other players will also not be able to see your equipped items although the cosmetic override information will still be available to them.

It cannot be resized but it can be moved via the central interface HUD. It cannot otherwise be manipulated. To move the HUD you need to access Edit Mode. Press 'Esc' on your keyboard, or press the on the ribbon, and press 'Edit Mode'. On this menu, check the tickbox next to 'Gameplay HUDs editing' and this will enable you to edit the HUD.

When you're happy with its position, press 'Save and Exit'. If you're not happy with your changes, press 'Cancel' instead. You can also press 'Reset' to revert all changes you have made since loading a preset layout.

Alternatively, you can move the interface, and the Central Interface HUD, without having to enter edit mode. To do this, click and drag on the interface and this will adjust the location of both.

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