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October 26, 2017

A RuneScape dungeon

This is the privacy policy of Jagex Limited and any companies within our group (referred to collectively as "Jagex"). It applies to all of our websites/services (referred to collectively as "our websites") on which it appears.

"Jagex Product(s)" is used as shorthand for our online games including all Jagex websites used to play those games and products published by Jagex on behalf of third parties. The ongoing supply of any particular Jagex Product is not guaranteed.

"Personally Identifiable Information" is information that identifies you and can be used to contact or locate you in real life, such as your real full name, e-mail address, mobile telephone number, postal address or credit card information.

We are committed to protecting your privacy and take special measures to ensure the confidentiality of Personally Identifiable Information collected from or about you. This privacy policy explains how we collect, store and use such Personally Identifiable Information.

Please read this policy carefully. You must accept this policy in full in order to use our website or any Jagex Product (whether or not you are a subscriber). If you do not agree with this policy, or any part, please do not use our websites or any Jagex Products. Your using any of our websites or Jagex Products is treated as an acceptance of the version of this policy in effect at the time of your use.

We may change this policy at any time, and will post any changes made on the site. Please check it whenever you return to the site. We will treat your continued use of our websites or any Jagex Product as acceptance of these changes from their effective date as shown above.

No Personally Identifiable Information is collected when you merely access the public areas of our websites.

We collect and store information which our users voluntarily provide via forms or otherwise on our Jagex Products, and in electronic or other communications with us. You may opt-out of providing any such information by simply choosing not to complete the form requesting the information, and hence choosing not to use that particular service.

For example:

  • To use many of the features of Jagex Products you will need to open an account by choosing a username and password.
  • To make use of our customer support service you will need to access the customer support section using your username and password and supply information relating to your query via the online form.
  • To enable us to provide a better customer support service we may also ask you to provide contact information including: name, email address, postcode and country, and to provide a number of security questions which we can use to verify your identity if you require assistance in the future. (Note that the questions and the answers you provide are up to you. You may opt-out of providing some of this information but it will limit the availability or effectiveness of our support service if you do, or you may not be eligible for a particular support service.)
  • We may give you the option of supplying a valid email address so we can contact you in the future with email newsletters about Jagex Products, including new game features and special offers.

Some users may not be eligible for certain elements detailed above, for example because there are restrictions on the collection of Personally Identifiable Information from those users.

We use Cookies, collect and store IP-addresses, alphanumeric IDs and other unique identifiers in order to identify specific computers that access the Jagex Products. We identify and store the versions of Java and .NET (if any) on your computer along with your browser and operating system, and details of your device's hardware and software specifications.

We generate and store logs indicating usage of the Jagex Products such as activity in our games and public and private chat communications. This includes monitoring play patterns and anti-tamper checks which verify the correct internal operation of our software and are designed to spot abusive or inappropriate activities.

We may track your use of certain features and areas of the Jagex Products to help us improve them.

If our client software held on your computer fails, it sends an automatic error report to our server to help us fix it. This error report only includes information about the internal state of our own client software and which browser/java version it is running on. It does not include data from elsewhere on your system and so does not reveal Personally Identifiable Information to us.

We store 'save game' and 'game settings' information to enable us to provide a better games service in which your activities and achievements are remembered in the game, and we conduct polls to find better ways of serving the needs of our users.


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