RuneScape Blue Partyhat

September 26, 2017

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Blue partyhat was discontinued from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who have it.

Defined properties: Item ID: 1042 Weight: 0.056 Value: 1

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Blue partyhats are discontinued holiday items that players obtained by opening Christmas crackers that were dropped as part of the 2001 Christmas event.

The blue partyhat plays a small but notable role in the Wise Old Man storyline. According to Draynor bank's surveillance tapes, the Wise Old Man killed Elfinlocks and stole the blue partyhat from her ashes while he was robbing the bank. Before Love Story, he wears the partyhat on his head. After the quest, he lends it to Zenevivia, who now lives in his Draynor house with him.

Blue partyhat is one of the most expensive head slot items in RuneScape. Before the free trade update, the street price of blue partyhat was much higher than the GE price, giving the false impression that its price sharply rose starting on February 2011.

15 Days of Christmas

During the 15 Days of Christmas in 2013, this item, along with other Christmas-themed equipment, were given the Hybrid style of combat, and stats that scaled with the player's levels. This was so players could use these items in combat to assist in hunting for festive crackers during the event.

A blue partyhat on the roof of the Well of Goodwill.

  • During the Swan Song quest, the player will ask the Wise Old Man for the blue partyhat at the end of the quest as a reward; however, he refuses. You can ask him again after the Love Story quest, although he will refuse, as he has already lent it to Zenevivia.
  • Along with the red partyhat, this item was the first to pass the 1 billion price mark on the Grand Exchange on 3 March 2011.
  • Although the purple partyhat is the rarest to get from a Christmas cracker, the item duplication glitch caused its price to drop such that it is now one of the cheapest partyhats. The blue partyhat, which is the second rarest to receive from a cracker, is now the most expensive.
  • Glitch abusers at one point could actually get themselves into the Draynor surveillance tape cutscene, and take the blue partyhat that was dropped during the cutscene. However, this item appeared to have a different item ID than the real blue partyhat and was untradeable. Also, upon trying to equip the item, it would disappear from the player's inventory. A message would then appear in the chatbox saying: "Please send in a bug report and tell Jagex how you got that hat."[source needed]
  • This item, the White partyhat, the Red partyhat and the Christmas cracker are currently the only items which reached a Grand Exchange value of 2, 147, 483, 647 (the maximum amount a 32-bit signed integer can hold).

Runescape - Blue Partyhat stake. Trying to comeback.
Runescape - Blue Partyhat stake. Trying to comeback.
RuneScape Dansk [Danish] Blue Partyhat Pking
RuneScape Dansk [Danish] Blue Partyhat Pking
runescape 2007 blue partyhat lured
runescape 2007 blue partyhat lured
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