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November 22, 2020

Should start training by

This is a guide which aims to assist players in training Cooking in pay to play by using the most effective and efficient techniques and methods. This guide may not always be up to date (mainly concerning GE prices). .

Level advancement - Fish

This is a fast, but more expensive way to advance the Cooking skill level. Note that the Money needed until next step column only accounts for the total amount of money that must be invested. It does not account for the money that will be earned back from selling the cooked fish. Fishing them yourself will give a sizable amount of fishing experience, as well as reduce the cost to 0 (minus any cost for lures, e.g. feathers), and profit from selling them.

A side note: A slower, but more reliable way to train cooking is to check out the food chart under the cooking skill page to see what the best food you can cook without burning is, then cook that food. That means there's a certain number of items you must cook, without leaving things to chance or burning.

Levels Food to cook Experience per item Approximate XP/Hour Number needed until next step Notes Approximate profit/loss during this step
1 - 15 Various N/A At this level, just cook anything readily available. Efficiency is not important because the first 10 levels are quickly gained. Good examples include chicken, meat*, bread, shrimp, anchovies, or herring. Undead chickens give the same exp but are MUCH cheaper. Very little
15-30 25k-50k Cook fish such as trout, cod, pike and salmon. These are easily obtainable with the Fishing skill.
28+ 104 or 114 on a fire. 130k 25 Cook Sweetcorn grown from Farming, or buy some from the Grand Exchange. 275
30+ 100 on a range or 110 on a fire 125k 2, 604 -33, 852
60+ 120 or 132 on a fire 150k 22, 313 -624, 764
84+ 140 or 156 on a fire 180k 23, 773 -6, 371, 164 Always check GE prices before buying in bulk, compare between monkfish as an alternative. (applies to all cooking)
92-94 210 or 231 on a fire 263k 6, 797 Either buy raw sharks from other players, or fish for cooking. Players will burn approximately 1% of Sharks with 93 Cooking and cooking gauntlets. Players stop burning sharks at level 94 with cooking gauntlets. Without the cooking gauntlets however, even at level 99, players will still burn sharks. 108, 752 (minus a little because you will burn maybe 1 in 50 before level 94)
94-99 225 or 250 on a fire 285k 22, 622 Either buy raw rocktail from other players or the grand exchange, or fish for cooking. Players stop burning rocktails at level 94 with cooking gauntlets. Without the cooking gauntlets however, even at level 99, players will still burn rocktails. 2, 940, 860 Always use Cooking Gauntlets or the burns cost too much.

Cooking urns speed up the experience rates. In addition, it takes less supplies to level up.

Items to make Money needed until next step
1 - 10
10 - 30 30k-60k
115k 2, 368 You do lose some money if you buy these from the GE, rather than fishing them yourselves. Alternatively, players may wish to cook apple pies, although this method may be more time-consuming than tuna. Either buy raw swordfish from other players or fish for them. At this level with cooking gauntlets you will still burn about 2 fish per inventory so there is a cost for the increased xp rate. Either buy raw sharks from other players, or fish for cooking. Players stop burning sharks at level 94 with cooking gauntlets. Without the cooking gauntlets however, even at level 99, players will still burn sharks.
  • Players willing to spend time training Crafting to be able to use higher-level Urns may find it easier to train Cooking, as the lower number of fish to be cooked can make a big difference in how often a character has to bank while cooking, as well as less fish to catch or buy. This means making a large investment of time in training Crafting, however.

Remember: burning a piece of food does not yield experience, so it is always better to plan on having extra money.

At level 85, some players switch to cooking pies with the lunar spell so that they gain experience comparable to shark or better, but also gain magic experience and spend runes. It requires 65 magic. As the quest Lunar Diplomacy requires 65 magic to complete, skill boosts will not work. Lunar spell cooked pies will never burn.

From level 84 to 90, you will burn approximately 525 monkfish without cooking gauntlets.

With cooking gauntlets: From level 90 to 94, you will burn approximately 270 sharks. Beyond that level you will not burn any.

Combined POH training with a Chef's delight (barrel)

A very useful tip for training AND to save gold is to install a Chef's delight barrel in your POH kitchen along with a range. Mounting an Amulet of glory in your quest hall nearby the kitchen requires 48 construction, and can be used to provide teleports to Edgeville to bank. Teleportation to your POH can be used with a tab or runes. Using runes requires 40 magic. This helps you burn less food with the cooking level increase, and cook higher level foods.

Steps to train:

  1. Pick up food from a bank (raw).
  2. Teleport to your house.
  3. Grab a beer glass, and fill it with chef's delight from your barrel.
  4. Cook the food.
  5. Go to your quest hall, and teleport to Edgeville using your Amulet of glory
  6. Bank, and repeat.

The total levels used for this method are:

  • 40 Magic (optional to save 3x as much money by using runes instead of teleport tabs)
  • 48 Construction (Optional by buying flatpacks for everything but mounting your uncharged amulet of glory)

You can use cooking gauntlets to further boost your cooking success rate.

Alternatively, you could find a friend who has a larder and a range and continuously make cakes inside their POH for free. World 31 (House Parties) often has open houses in yanille, and many of these do have these facilities.

Alternate methods

Below are some alternate methods to level cooking without burning fish; however, it will most likely be slower than the method above. It is recommended to use the above method to attain level 50 cooking before beginning. It is possible to get 1, 960 cooking xp with 1 inventory of trout.

Clan citadel

If you are in a clan with a cooking plot (barbecue) a substantial amount of cooking experience can be gained weekly.

Cooked Sweetcorn

Not exactly a profitable method, but it's effective. Simply buy a lot of sweetcorn, and cook it for 104 cooking experience per corn. This method, although not profitable, is very cheap. You can get 2912 experience per inventory, more if using a bonfire. As it only requires 28 cooking to cook, this is great experience for lower levels. At level 67 cooking, sweetcorn can be combined with chopped tuna to create tuna and corn for 204 cooking experience and gives over 400 gp in profit.


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Training Cooking
Training Cooking
Runescape Training Guide: 1-99 Cooking Guide Runescape
Runescape Training Guide: 1-99 Cooking Guide Runescape ...
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