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January 18, 2015

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Trees Map, Click for larger imageSeers Village is another one of the small, members-only villages of RuneScape. Despite its size, it's well-known as the former drop party capital of RuneScape, and massive amounts of Woodcutting/Fletching takes place there. Seers Village also happens to be a very prominent training location for low to high level woodcutters. Seers Village is a great place to buy and sell fletching or Herblore items.

Special Attractions

Trees Galore!

  1. Here, you will find six willow trees. There are also a few oak and regular trees nearby.
  2. Here, you will find five maple trees. There are also a few oak and regular trees nearby. Be warned though, this is usually a busy place.
  3. In this area, you will find a maple tree, alongside with a willow, some oak and regular trees.
  4. This is the area that contains yew trees, three of them to be exact. There is also a maple tree, and some regular trees. This is another place that is often busy, as yew logs are quite popular.
  5. There are two maple trees located side by side just east of the Courthouse. Also, there are oaks, and regular trees next to this area.
  6. There are also three magic trees here. Also nearby, you will find oaks, and regular trees. South of these magic trees you may come across four more.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Map of the Flax FieldFlax

Due to Fletching, flax has become an important part of Seers Village. There is a flax field, a spinning wheel, and a bank located within a reasonable distance of each other. This will call for easy Crafting experience, along with possible Fletching experience (for adding bow strings to bows).

The Forester's Arms

The Forester's Arms is a bar that sells beer, meat pies, and stew. The beer costs 2gp, the meat pies costs 16gp, and the stew costs 20gp. Also located in the bar, is the Poison Salesman for the Murder Mystery quest.

Unloading Zone for Coal Trucks

The Coal Trucks offer a spot to get tons of coal, and then pick up that coal at a later time. To use the coal trucks, you have to go to the area on the western side of McGrubor's Woods, and mine coal - there are two ways to get there. The first is by heading directly west of Seers' Village, and crossing the railway tracks, and then the log obstacle (20 agility), or you can go to the south of the Fishing Guild, and make your way up to the coal rocks through one of the gates. Use the coal with the carts, and you will be able to pick up later at the unloading zone. This zone is located in a building north of the bar.

Real Estate Agent

A Real Estate Agent has found a home in Seers Village: just east of the Bank. This agent sells blocks of land, can re-decorate your house, or move it's location - for a fee of course. He also provides you with a useful book detailing land and construction types.

Located in the forests just south of Seers' Village, Ignatius sells tinderboxes and the Firemaking cape.

Rainbow Fish


  • Elemental Workshop I: This quest starts in Seer's Village. It is located in the building south of the anvils.
  • Elemental Workshop II: This quest is the sequel to Elemental Workshop. The quest start point is at the Exam Centre at the Digsite.
  • Elemental Workshop III: This quest is the third in the Elemental series. It begins at the church south of the Seer's Village bank.
  • Merlin's Crystal: The quest begins east of Seers Village in Camelot Castle. Speak to King Arthur to start this quest.
  • Holy Grail: As the sequel to Merlin's crystal, these two quests share the same starting point.
  • King's Ransom: This quest begins just outside of Sinclair Mansion's gates. Speak to Gossip to start the quest.

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