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April 14, 2019

Will best runescape gold

You know that a lot of people are offering to buy RuneScape gold from you and there are many websites which offer to buy it too. Why do people want to sell their precious gold?

What about idea, that there is an opportunity to make some real money only from playing your favorite game - RuneScape?

All you need is a desire to play RuneScape a lot. How about all day? And by doing that, you can actually make some real money from RS gold. Yes, this does mean, that you will be able not to work daily job and get money just for gaming all day.

However, you should know some things in order to prevent someone from cheating on you. Let's talk about PayPal transactions.

PayPal is usually used for money transactions when you are selling or buying RS gold. The most popular way of cheating - a buyer of RS gold tells that he/she had never received it. Important thing to know is that PayPal doesn't chargeback for virtual items. What is virtual item? It is RS gold and other stuff like this. PayPal has this policy, because it is not possible to check if virtual item was sent or not.

Another thing that you should know is an unauthorized transaction. This is a big problem, because it can be difficult to get your money back. If you didn't authorize the purchase by entering your pin number or your signature, you don't have any liability for that purchase.

If unauthorized transaction occurred by using PayPal, you should report it within 60 days. PayPal will do investigation and will protect you after doing it.

Unauthorized transaction is an illegal activity and you have to report it. These activities usually are done by thieves and other criminals.

If you don't want to be cheated on by "scammers" and criminals, you should try to find trustworthy website which will buy RS gold from you. One of the best sites is It can offer best prices, security, and 24/7 service. Check it out!


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