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March 27, 2014

Harry's Fishing Shop

Players can travel to the Fishing Guild in a number of ways:

From the entrance, players will see a convenient range on the right-hand side and a respawn of a lobster pot, harpoon and a big fishing net on the left-hand side.

To the north is a Fishing platform. Further north, east of the bank, is a second Fishing platform.


The Fishing Guild bank is located in the north-western corner. As well as bank booths, there is also a deposit box which is convenient for depositing loads of freshly caught fish.

Outside the bank is a Summoning obelisk which is convenient for players summoning Fishing-related familiars.

Fishing Shop

The Fishing Guild's shop, which is south of the bank, is run by . He buys and sells raw and cooked fish.

This is also a useful place to stock up on feathers for the lazy fletcher!

  • After a player has completed the Deadliest Catch quest, Jones will freely give them small and big cast nets. These are wieldable, so do not take up space in the inventory when fishing. However, since the toolbelt update, these have become obsolete.
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