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March 20, 2019

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The Forum Rules are to keep the players who like to post on the forums safe. Though the Forums have their own Code of Conduct it is also necessary to keep in mind the Rules of RuneScape whilst using the forums, and to also bear in mind the forum specific rules for each section.

A system has been put into place to maintain the friendly and welcoming environment that the forums are renowned for. This allows players to learn from their mistakes if they accidentally breach the rules. The list of the entire system is available to read .

Bad behaviour on the forums should be reported to the latest forum help thread, as detailed below, however there are other systems in place for when forum help should not be used or is not the best option:

Forum Help

You can find the latest Forum Help thread in the forum. Forum help should be used for the vast majority of reporting. It can also be used as a communication line to get in touch with F-mods for assistance with:

However it is also used to report issues such as:

Disruptive behaviour Spamming, text abuse, off-topic posts, etc
Offensive behaviour Trolling, flaming, harassment, racism, sexism, etc
Inappropriate behaviour Profane or vulgar posting, impersonating a Moderator, religious or political discussion
Dangerous behaviour Real life information, real life threats, releasing confidential information, malicious links, RWT, illegal activities


Highlighting a post on a thread will notify Jagex Moderators to the situation. The highlight system is only to be used in emergencies if you have any serious concerns regarding the real life safety of others on the forums, the category available for this is Real-life issues / breaking real-world laws This will be sent to Jagex employees to sort and take action.

Moderation Review

Finally, the moderation review thread is only to be used to flag the actions of a Forum Moderator to Jagex staff if you feel that they have acted inappropriately. As with forum help, you can find the moderation review thread in the forum. The thread is not to be used for any of the following:

There are a lot of forum sections to the RuneScape Official Forums, and so every forum section has its own set of rules, known as Forum Specific Rules (FSR). There may also be note-worthy threads in each section written to advise against posting certain things that go against these rules. Here's a table of the rules for each section, as well as any note-worthy threads. The list contains only the rules to general forum sections:

Power to the Players

Feedback, Discussion & Suggestions

RuneScape - Community

Events and Services

Customer Support

The Lounge


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