Good Ways to make money in runescape

February 22, 2017

Good ways to make money in

Image titled Invest Using the Grand Exchange in Runescape Step 1 Create a log on a program and keep track of prices. This will help you in the long run.
  1. Find some items that you would be interested in investing in and write them down
  2. Everyday check the RuneScape Grand Exchange Database and copy down the current prices for the items you are thinking of investing in.
    • The more info. you have on an item the more likely you are gonna make a wise and profitable investment.
    • In your portfolio you should have a wide variety of items such as seeds, armours, weapons, and so forth.

Method 2

What to invest in and when
  1. Know when to invest. Good ways to know is to look at up-coming updates. If you see something that make create a demand for something you should invest in it. For example the pvp update made a lot of things skyrocket.
    • The time to buy will usually be the difference in a couple gp profit to a huge profit. Always look at the front page and read all the up-coming updates.
    • Some guides might tell you to invest when and item is already going up, This is not always a good idea. The simple reason why is because if an item has already started rising you will most likely have to buy it at a higher price and you won't make as much profit. Instead, if you have made a portfolio, you should pay attention to rises and falls in the items you are looking at.
    • Here is a good example: One day an item falls 20k, the next 15k, the next 10k, 5k, then drops 2k, rises 2k, rises 15k, rises 30k and so on. The best time to buy this item would be at drop 5k. This is because you will be able to get it for under the medium price and it gives you much more profit.
    • When to sell your investment is another critical thing that must not be overlooked.
    • The time to sell is when an item has reached its peak. This can easily be figured out by checking the graphs on the Grand Exchange Database or your portfolio. Here is another example to help you know when the time to sell is. The item you invested in has a chart like this: +2k, +5k, +7k, +10k, +15k, +9k, +5k, +3k, -2k. The time to sell would be at +15k or even +10k.Image titled Invest Using the Grand Exchange in Runescape Step 2 Even though the item continued to rise its daily rises were decreasing which is a sure fire sign that it will drop soon. If you sell it at its peak you will make most profit and its less risky. If you couldn't tell by looking at your graphs that the daily rises have decreased then don't panic, just sell your item at the first sign of decrease in rising.


  • Creating a portfolio is an important step to take to improve the accuracy of your investments.
  • Make sure you "watch" an item before investing. This insures that you are making a good decision.
  • Having at least 5m+ is recommended to start investing in RuneScape. You can start with less but you won't be making money as fast as you would with more cash.
  • Make sure you check the prices of the items you want to invest in every day and write them down in your portfolio.


  • Never invest in stuff people don't want.
  • Telling people what your investing in isn't always a good idea as it makes the prices unstable because people are buying for investing purposes only.

good way to make money on runescape non-members
good way to make money on runescape non-members
Good way to make money in runescape!
Good way to make money in runescape!
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