Runescape best way to make money f2p

September 18, 2015

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How do i make 1M in 1 week in F2P?
because i want to buy saradomin armor
thank you.
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Depends how many hours a day and how many days of a week you play, you can make maybe 50k/hour cash in f2p fishing lobsters if you have a good fishing level say 60+, other then that I say become a member where you'll be able to make 300k/hour without stat requirements, or lengthen your goal to get 1m
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Go to the wilderness ditch north of Falador with 33 magic, many law runes, and an air staff.

1. Telegrab wine of zamorak
2. Wait for respawn
3. Repeat steps 1-2 and bank and Falador.

If you spend 200k, you end up with ~400k. Its a good way to double your money if you don't have acceptable skilling skills or if you don't like working for it.
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If you can cut yews im sure you could end up with 1m in a week
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Mine alot of tin and bronze ore, then smelt them into bronze bars. Then start on iron ( or rune essence your choice) and keep the flow. at the end, sell it all.
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Buy iron ore and coal, make them steel bars and sell them
repeat and repeat and repeat, you will get to te million fast

remember to use the furnance in al kharid
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for F2P if u have high Fishing id say the best fish u can get but if ur high Woodcut then Yew Logs if ur a Warrior the best u can get probs is Hill Giants (unless Lesser Demons drop Rune Med Helm on F2P)
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Make pie shells bank sell on G.E repeat Or
Cut yews bank sell on G.E or
Kill cows get cowhide bank sell on g.e or
kill hobgoblins get limpwurt roots bank sell on g.e
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Play the great orb project if you win you get 750 tokens you can buy 15 water talis and you can sell them.
But you need 50runecrafting, and you need luck to win.
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Do the new (F2P) Quest the Blood Pact(its extremely easy). Then go into the catacombs the monsters are low leveled and sometimes drop more than 100 coins plus the highest level monster is like level 20 something, you might not get 1Mil in a week, but maybe a month if you keep at it.
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1mil in f2p should take no longer than 1 day:
At level 20 Dungeoneering players (both F2P and P2P) may enter the Edgeville resource dungeon located in the east of the Hill Giant area where four limpwurt roots spawn making a reasonable amount of money from picking them up and selling them quickly on the Grand Exchange nearby. The banks in the Grand Exchange and in Edgeville are also nearby to deposit these picked up limpwurt roots. Limpwurt root currently sell for 1250gp on the GE. 4 full inventories yield a profit of 140000gp.


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