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November 23, 2012

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Did you ever wonder when RuneScape gold swap started and why people need this service?
Everything started in 2013 when Old school RuneScape servers were released. People started playing RuneScape from the beginning on new servers but many of them had a lot of wealth on their RS3 accounts. The only way to move that wealth to new servers was to find a person, who had gold on Old school servers and wanted to move it to RS3 servers – then both players could swap their gold and get it to their wanted server.

Finding trustful person

Unfortunately, it is very hard to find trusted person to do that for you. A lot of scams happened in the past and people have lost their wealth while trusting it to others.
Soon swapper friend’s chats had appeared on RuneScape and ranked players there were deemed as trusted. Still, some of them decide to scam others due to their greed. We don’t recommend swapping with random players in-game as you risking to lose your gold.

RuneScape gold swapping. Where?

So you think “what should I do?!” We decided to help our customers move their gold from one server to other and swap gold for them. We created trustful place for RuneScape lovers, where player could swap their wealth without any risk in losing their gold.
We are online 24/7 and our rates are better than you would get on any other website or gold swap friend’s chat.

Safety guarantee

Also we guarantee you the highest safety and 100% gold swapping without any scams or other deceptions. It is the most important thing for players, who have lots of rich and want to play in new service.
Please check the amount of gold that you would get for your gold on other server and message our live chat if you want to get more information about trade place.

Safe collaboration

So, if you need to make the switch from Old School RuneScape to new RuneScape, contact us, it’s easy and reliable to collaborate with us. Swap rs 3 gold for 07 with ease, or swap RS3 gold for RS 2007, and do so in any denomination you require.
Using the convenience of our online calculator, you can determine how much gold you’ll receive for RS3 when you swap RS 2007 gold, and vice versa. Swapping RuneScape gold is a great way to keep your personal stock full for the version of RuneScape you are currently playing, without letting all your hard-earned gold for the other edition go to waste.

Try our team – you will get the best service

Our professional 24/7 customer support team always answer to any your question about rs gold swap, prices and more. Our goal is prompt and safe delivery. We seek that all of our customers would feel satisfied and wanted to come back to us. Client‘s recommendations are the best evaluation for us.

So, if you have some old school RuneScape gold and want to swap your wealth without any risk, please contact us and we will move your rich to new RuneScape servise.


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