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April 1, 2021


The Old School Bonds interface can be accessed via the 'Settings' button on the Old School interface.

Old School Bonds are in-game items that allow you to pay for selected account-related and out-of-game benefits with in-game resources. Old School Bonds are initially purchased just as you would purchase membership - but they can then be freely gifted or traded with other players. They can be redeemed for membership, or traded to other players via the Grand Exchange or peer to peer.

You'll be able to freely determine how you exchange your Old School Bonds - be it on the Grand Exchange or in player-to-player trades - and how much in-game gold you wish to buy and sell them for. Just like any other item on the Grand Exchange, the community will determine how much Old School Bonds are worth in relation to other items.

You can only purchase Old School Bonds through the Old School website or via the in-game interface on your Old School account

Purchase Old School Bonds directly in-game

Once you have completed your purchase, you will see a confirmation in your chat window when you next login, and the bonds will be waiting for you in your Bonds Pouch (or your backpack if you have space (Click on the Bonds Pouch under the 'settings' tab to be sure):

If you cannot see your Old School Bonds in your pouch, but you have confirmation that your payment has gone through, please allow time for them to be delivered. If you suspect something has gone wrong, the likelihood is that you have purchased Main RuneScape Bonds, not 'Old School Bonds'.

On your Bonds Pouch (under the settings tab), click on 'Redeem now':

You can trade 'Tradeable' Old School Bonds to other players in Old School directly, or via the Grand Exchange.

To do so, you need to have enough space in your inventory, and then on your Bonds Pouch, click on the little arrow in the 'Total tradeable' box, that points towards your inventory:

Once you have done this, the Bond will appear in your inventory and can be traded like any other item.

To convert any untradeable Bond, simply right-click on an untradable bond in your inventory.

This will show the 'Conversion interface', where you can pay a fee to make your Bond tradable again.

1. I think I may have purchased a main RuneScape bond instead of an Old School Bond. Help!]

2. Can I trade an Old School Bond to Main RuneScape, or visa versa?]

No, Old School Bonds are for exclusive use on Old School RuneScape, and 'RuneScape Bonds' can only be used on Main RuneScape. There is no physical way to move them between your profiles.

3. Does this mean I can buy membership with Old School gold?

Yes, because you can trade an Old School Bond from another player or the Grand Exchange, and then redeem it for membership credit.

4. How does the tradeable/untradeable aspects of Old School Bonds work?

A Player who buys their Old School Bond from the website will be able to trade or gift their Bond immediately. If you buy the Old School Bond from the Grand Exchange or receive it through a trade with another player, you'll have to pay a GP tax to convert it to be tradeable again – equalling 10% of the current Grand Exchange price. This 're-trade tax' is to reduce excessive merchanting and to act as a gold sink. You will be able to convert your Old School Bond back to a tradeable state through the Bonds Pouch interface, and it is free to redeem the Old School Bond for membership at any time.

5. Can I convert multiple Old School Bonds at once?

Yes, but you will only be able to convert Old School Bonds that are in your backpack.

6. What happens when the membership redeemed from my Old School Bond runs out?

If you have a recurring membership set up, you'll be charged 3 days before you're due to run out. If you don't have an active membership, your account will be restricted to free worlds and your loyalty programme bonus progress will be reset as per normal – so make sure to grab another Old School Bond or renew membership in good time!

7. Will the Old School Bond cancel my recurring subscription/loyalty rate if I add membership?

No. Redeeming your Old School Bond for membership will simply add the extra membership credit to your account, and leave any recurring membership agreement active, and your loyalty rate intact. Your next payment will be deferred, and you will only pay for additional membership when you have less than 3 days credit remaining.

8. What happens if I die with an Old School Bond in my inventory?

Old School Bonds are protected on death and will stay in your inventory through to your resurrection.

9. Why can't I trade my Old School Bond?

When an Old School Bond has been traded once it must be converted before it can be traded again. This costs 10% of an Old School Bond's value on the Grand Exchange at the point you wish to convert. You can convert a Bond through the Bonds interface.


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